Sabtu, 03 Desember 2016

Hipmi bali market fest 2016

Happy Saturday Night, dear everyone!

So, lastnight I invited by HIPMI BALI to an event called HIPMI Bali Market Fest 2016. It was such a great event, an exibiton of the designer on HIPMI BALI at Beachwalk. The rain a bit crazy lastnight and I got stuck on traffic like 2 hours that caused I'm coming Late. Anyway, HIPMI collaborated with Martha Tilaar Group to give us cupon that allowed the bloggers to got freebies from them, sounds good right? I will posted later what I got from them on the next post. See you, guys!
Here some photos that I taken during the event.

Me and The Girls

I Cant actually believe I could curl my body that way. lol

Black Fedora hat - Berskha // Black top - local boutique // Black Skirt - local boutique // Black handbag - PALOMINO // Black Heels - Zalora


Kamis, 24 November 2016

Pixy lip cream Swatches and Review

Current fave liquid lipstick

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Hello all dearest readers!
I am back again today and gonna talking about my latest liquid lipstick that I obsessed with. It's pixy cosmetic's four shades of lip cream, that is Chic Rose, Party Red, Classic Red, and Fun Fuchsia. 
Just like the other kind of liquid lipstick, pixy lip cream come with tube that also contain doe-foot aplicator. By the packaging, I kinda love the pink cover on the top tube, and the tube dominate by the color of black, and transparant-kind-of bottom tube that allow you to see the shades on the tube. Now we're talking about the product, when we open the tube the you will smell the soft scent of vanilla. The lip cream has creamy and a bit mousy texture, but I think it has a bit differen pigmentation among those four shades. The best pigmentation is the shades of Chic rose, and the less-pigmen-I-like is the shades of fun fuschia. The swatch also different in how many layers do you need till you get the right color, again it's depends on the shades. About the resilience of this lipstick, I think it depends on how much activity did our mouth does. LOL. I mean like drinking, the lipstick obviously not going to transffered to the glass or even make crack. When it comes to food the product will easily dissapear after you bite something, especially something that fried or deep fried. And for you that curious, yaaas everyone this lipstick is kiss-proof product. LOL

In my Skin Color Swatches
Left to Right: 01. Chic Rose - 02. Party Red - 03. Classic Red - 04. Fun Fuchsia

In brighter skin swatches - Credit to Kak Bia's Hand

For me personally, my fave one is no.1 in shades of chic rose. I use this product for almost one week and definitely loveeee it too much. In this shades, I only need one swatch to get the righ-lovely color on my lips. The pigmentation is so soft, creamy, and also smells so good. Honestly I always need to re-swatching my lips after I ate because it go away easily when I ate something. But, overall I really fall for this Chic-Rose shade.

In my lips no filter - of course!

I'm so obbsessed with my lip creme. LOL

Hope you guys have a nice weekend!


Jumat, 18 November 2016

CitilinkXBaliBlogger Gathering

Unxecpected day!

The Instagram Influencers talking about how to gain and maintain our followers

Black top - nevada // orange shawl - from HK // Batik skirt - from yogya // orange handbag - charles&keith // orange heels - ZALORA

Kak Vina just dressed my shawl the way she wants. LOL

Me and Kak Bia

As Always, with the BLOGGERS <3

If only i bring swimwear....

Pardon my hair, ok?

Well-captured by Kak Bia <3

Kak Hera, Kak Vina, Kak Bia, and Me

What's more beautiful than watching sunset after winning an airplane free tickets?

Kak Bia's hijab color is to-die-for <3

Ayu's Happy Face after Winning Free Trip From Citilink