Minggu, 20 September 2015

Review : Aneka Lovina Villa and Spa

The best of September

September been my fave month of the year since I'm in college. Yap! Because it's HOLIDAAAAAY!<3 
I'm too excited in every holiday ever, since being a med student are really exhausting for me. So, my parent take me to a lovely short getaway to Singaraja. We spent three days and two nights, doing city strolling, visiting my dad's friends, watch my lil brother's basketball match, and of course enjoying our super comfortable place-to-stay: Aneka Lovina Villa &Spa.

My Wake up caller

My forever fave spot <3

I'm super duper in love with this place-Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa. As a super satisfied visitor, I'm feeling so honnored to write about this place. I was arrive on the evening, the sun kissed my room's balcony, too pretty. The service of the hotel is great. My fave time during stay on the hotel is on the breakfast time. LOL. For me, the foods that serve in breakfast are the image of a hotel. If the breakfast is good then the other foods from their kitchen are good. And Aneka Lovina Villa and Spa IS. The foods are too tasty and satisfying. The employees are very helpful and friendly, especially on the banquet breakfast, I'am so well treated. Big breakfast for two days. YAY! 
As my friend(s) call me a beach-girl, and I am. My fave spot on this place is the pool, and the pool is by the sea. Yes, Aneka have a private beach-area. My Sunset for two days are the best in september. I'm so swimming like a fish like every time. LOL. Beside the hotel-standard facility, Aneka also provide a spa treatment for the guess. 
For you guys that have a plan to go to Singaraja-Bali this place so recommended to be a place-to-stay for your leisure time.

My Baby Dolphin

My Fave companion


What's vacation without any selfies? :p 


Kamis, 17 September 2015

Roxalne sister's Pendopo

The Fancy Meet Up

Last Week, I went to a fashion exibition by Roxalne Sister at Vin+ Seminyak. Roxalne sister is a multibranded fashion based in Bali, klik the link to get know more about them. There're so many cute fashion stuff in the event, and of course meet my girl, Kak Dp and Kak AW.

This lips have been steal everybody's eyes

I'm Kinda obsessd with anything-pearls

Me and my clique

Tied-Tartan Top // My own design - Mermaid Skirt // Mom's - Vintage Leather Bag // Bigygorjes - Glittery Sandals


Kamis, 10 September 2015

Her lifetime fave color

Reunited with a friend 

I's a super tasty kue cubit :3

Last week, I met an old friend from high school. Her name is Vista, we both not meet each other for almost two years because of she's continuing her college in Malang. We decide to meet up on a place named Popstick, the food are delicious and the place is lovely.

Stripes top - Unbranded // Slit Up skirt - Bigygorjes // Blue Clucth - Unbranded // Shoes - Nevada