Sabtu, 14 Januari 2017

Beauty Review: Sensatia Botanicals

Latest Skincare Crush

Hello again my lovely readers! 
Today I will write about my experience about my super latest Skincare crush. All I write down bellow are based on my opinion NOT just because the products are sponsored. Anyway, sensatia botanicals is one of our sponsor from the #BaliBeautyBloggerGathering2016. For your information, Sensatia Botanicals is a skincare company that based on Karangasem Bali that start their journey in 2000. The products already well-known in 40 cuntries, and the materials of sensatia's product mostly from mother nature. Wanna know them more? Go check their profile.
The Whole Package I got from @sensatia_botanicals their instagram is awsome you guys supposed to check them out! 
It's contain Sensatia Botanicals : Acne Clarifying facial scrub check out the details here , Argan & tamarind revitalizing hair mask here , Facial C serum for oily to Acne Prone here , Unscented Sensitive cream cleanser  here , Lip protection shop them here

Nature's photo is the best photo, right?

Let's talk from the basic. The packaging they had I give them 8/10. I really love the kind of box they used to wrap the product but the texture of the box I really love (please forgive me to can't explain the texture. lol). The package comes with a fabric-material-bags which is I really love because it so re-usable, I bring all my babies-sensatia-skincare with them when I'm moving to Denpasar-Gianyar-Denpasar. Ya you know I had two kind of life. Based on the package I get, I tho that sensatia's packaging use almost neutral & natural colours as their packaging colours. The other part that I love that, they write a super easy-to-understand words to explain how to use their products. I even got a little joke (or am I the only one that tho it's a joke?) on their lip protection. The direction says: use freely to protect & hydrate lips, kiss, Repeat. I mean, a companny rarely saying something like that. But for me I really like that, you feel us, right sensatia?

Now we talk about the products. I will list them based on my FAVOURITE to my less-favourite.
1. Sensatia Botanical lip protection. OMG! this little jar got me at hello. While I opened the jar the first thing I can taste a very good mint-like scent that I really-really love (I am a mint lover, fyi). Then amazingly the product working so good on my lips. It hydrating my lips so well, even better than my recent fave lip-balm. So, I give 10/10 to this little-lots-of love jar. I definitely will re-purchasing this product soon because now mine just leave only a half of the jar. I also sometimes just put on my lipstick on the top of them without wipe them off, just because I can't I really love the taste and the smeels. Check out the details of the ingredient here, I promise you nobody will regret to purchase this little sexy jar.

2. Sensatia Botanicals daily essentials Facial C Serum for Oily to Acne Prone. My number 2 crush is the Facial C serum one. This product hydrating my face more than mega well. Not just me everyone, my latest beautycian surprised to how well-hydrated was my skin before we started the treatment. And I know this guy that doing that to my skin. I am not a beauty expert but the one that I know that I my skin could be so chewy all day after I apply it to my skin. I used them 2 pump and 2 times a day as the directions (I am kinda good good girl, you kow. lol). Ahya, the other that I really like from this product is they dried so fast on my skin. I just pat-pat-pat and then I'm ready to go with my next step no needed to try them drained first. Super! Here here I got you the link for the product detail.

3. Sensatia Botanicals Acne Clarifying Charcoal Mask. I used this mask every-my-post-night-shift-time-at-hospital time and it bring my skin back to life. That dramatic? Because yes, you can't imagine how you stay at ER all night and how much the bacteria and so on on that place. This mask i feel like take them all off my skin, including of course the blackheads on my face especially on my nose. So yeah, my pampering post night shift time never better after I met this guy. If you interested to try, just follow the products' direction. Just thin layer, and you got the effect. If I put more layer, I don't know it feels like not working. So just a thiny layer, please? Here we go again with the detail product.

4. Sensatia Botanicals Unscented Sensitive Cream Cleanser. This product is good, working good on my skin too, and also hydrated my skin after I apply it. But. I don't know, maybe because I love the other product more that's why he's on number 4. I don't have specific crush with this product bu sure this product make my skin hydrated and feels chewy after washing-time. And yeah, of course it's unscented like the name. The direction to see the whole product official review is here.

5. Sensatia Botanicals Argan & Tamarind Revitalizing hair mask. This guy right here got number 5 not because of I hate them, no. It just really hard to make them work on my hair :(. I tried it first time and almost make it empty because of I can't feel the product on my hair when I apply it. After I wash my hair my hair do feel smooth but yeah, I need so much product to get the result. Nothing wrong with the product but yeah, maybe because I have too thick hair it just need more product. Here here for the hair mask and the varians to be checked out!

Conclusion: I love love love Sensatia Botanical's products! I will re-purchasing them especially the lip protection one! <3


Ps: I'm sorry for not attaching my no-make-up face in here, my life is a mess thiss last 3 weeks, my night time shift are crazy so do my eyes. Until my eyes get better, see you soon!


Sabtu, 07 Januari 2017

Beauty Review : Japan Softlens

Something Blue, something in your eyes

I've always love to see somebody's blue eyes. But I never imagine that's me going to have those blue eyes.

Following the Bali Beauty Blogger's event last month, today I will reviewing one of our sponsor's product that is @japansoflens cek out their instagram page or on their website
My latest crush that definetely CRUSH. How could be not? They send me a pair of BLUE softlens that I reallyyyyyyyyyyy love. I can't. Hello people, when the last time I could deny blue kinda things? LOL.

So the packaging come with this pink-gliterry super cute box that contain the softlens itself and a super cute softlens box (to keep it).


My first impression to wear this soflens is so far so good. And again its the first time I'm applying softlens by my own. I'm struggling I really am. My lids can't stop blinking when I first gonna put the lens on my eye balls. It takes some minute till my lids give up to blinking and the lens applied well on my eyebals (finally).

For the packaging I really love it its gilterry its pinky and also it's come with the box, so for the begginer like me it's so much helping + saving money because we don't need to buy the separated box, right?
The product itself I like them because they send me the blue one (I love it by the color at first). For the comfortness level, it's comfort enough for my eyes, I don't really feels like something on my eyebals, so yeah. I love it.
If you wanna have twinning lens with me please kindly check @japansoflens product in here

More photos coming soon! <3


Sabtu, 31 Desember 2016

Beauty Review: Aiglow Lashes

I Can't stop Blinking

If you are Indonesian, you must be s similar with the words "Bulu mata anti badai". LOL
That in English mean like lashes staying so good even there's storm. 
So, ya we're talking about lashes today.

As I write on the previous post, we Bali Beauty Blogger on our first gathering got sponsord by @aiglow_bali
They provided super good quality lashes, and of course in so many kind lashes. I'm not a lashes expert, but I know my lashes got a little drama (that I actually love) after put on their falsies.  
Here their premium one that named Papallona that have toooooo cute BLUE-pink packaging. AH I CAN'T :')))

There are available 4 others packaging too of their lashes

In this look, I put on their Green-packaging-lashes, that I'm sorry I can't find what kind of falshies were them (or the name of series on the box).
Honestly, its my very first time put on my own falshies. I hope I do it at least right. lol
My first impression was supe good with these falshies. They apllied super easy (for a beginer like me) on my lids, I kinda expecting some more harder way or got struggling a bit to put on them.... But, I'm not. I'm sure that's not my capability on put the falshies on but it's the falshies that so easy to be working with. So, shoutout to every falshies beginner to trying @aiglow_bali 's falshies. So easy to apply, ladies!

Anyway, Happy New Year 2017 to all my lovely readers! I hope Everyone got their resolutions in 2017. Cheers to the new year!!