Rabu, 26 Maret 2014

Wedding on the Beach

It's essensial in every woman ever's dream to get a pretty gown in their wedding day. Me, myself is one of those kind of girl too :-p. You wanna know my favorite?
Simply every white long gown with additional lace details <3

This one really got my heart <3

I was found an online site that sell sooo many beautiful wedding gown called Miss Wedding Wear. Go check their wedding on the beach collection :3

Their Queen-Anne Gown soo Fab <3


Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Shopping Online

It's like a gift for me to me <3

Shopping online lately becoming a habbit for nowdays people. I'm myself is a potential buyer too for those who had online site to shopping, hahahaha. I really enjoyed doing online shoping, its like a treat for myself. Beside doing onlie shopping, i alshop have an online shop too :)

Visit mine here : bigygorjes

Another favorite site of mine? Go Check Zalora Indonesia<3 They have lots of chic stuff to buy, from branded stuff, men stuff, and also stuff for hijabers. Go click and shop Zalora's link here!


Minggu, 02 Maret 2014