Senin, 27 Maret 2017

Beauty from Within in #MagicalSparklingLook Inspired by Beauty and The Beast The Movie

What's the definition of Beauty for you?

A week ago since I watched Beauty and the Beast on the Cinema. Emma Watson's role as Princess Belle was as epic as I expected, Her Flawless Beauty literally come from within. She is Princess Belle in real life form me. 
Today I decide to re-create one of Princess Belle's Make Up and Hair do and enter #MagicalSparklingLook Challenge by @mizzucosmetics @berrybenka @beautybloggerid @lavielash @jacquelle_official @jackquelink_official in Instagram.

Princess Belle on the Movie that roled by Emma Watson:
Use minimal make up, have flawless skin, and we also could clearly saw her freckles. So I do super minimal make up on this look. I used only 2 shades of eyeshadow, tiny-tiny layer of eyeliner and mascara, and super soft pink-colour lipstick, also I left my on fleek brows and just fill a tiny bit of my eyebrows.

I re-create this kind of Princess Belle Look in a reason. She is a fighter for her wants, she keeps reading books even everybody on the town thought that she's weird. She is a role model that girls or woman should be reading books, or now days we could say it well-educated, no matter how beautiful they are. Books can take you to a whole different kind of this world that's what Princess Belle would like to tell us, for me. And Another moral value that I take from the film is: There's not a guy that awesome enough that could stop you from education, a good guy will let you get highest education if you want to.

The Books: Take Us to the Whole  Different kind of world that we never know before.

Tell me whats on your mind?
On my mind beauty are just like Belle: Smart, Brave, and fight for the one that she love, and what she want.

Oh, I never Knew This before!

No Matter how Beautiful you are, You should be Well-Educated!

When you're not ready yet, but the result is good, anyway.

I hope all the luck for the challenge! :)
Have you watch Beauty And The Beast the Movie? What's your fave part of beauty and the beast movie? Tell Me down Below as Always! :)


Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017

Fashion Diary: Black & Stripes

Back to the Right Track

 I am too excited about this post. LOL
If you are my reader for long time ago, you must be know that I used to write more about fashion than beauty, don't get me wrong I love beauty same as I adore fashion. Before I started to write more about beauty I casually write about fashion or just simply my daily outfit, in the fashion weeks time I also reviewing the show and something like that.
 I was lost direction this past 2 years because of my medical student life and some personal reasons. So, This past three months was the most insane months that I could imagine in my entire life. I decide that I should balancing my education and my passion from the bottom of my heart to keep me away from stress. I have a plan to studying harder and keep having time to write in this blog. Hopefuly m plan will works and turn out well.
Okay, okay. Enough for the unimportant blabers, lets talk about my outfits :))

 From long time ago I really want to try out how do I look if I wore cullotes pants. 
Do I look like a baboon? LOL
I was never confident enough to wear this kind of pants before, but somehow we need to go out from our comfort zone, right?

Just for your information, I am a colour-co-ordinate person in a crazy way. I honestly feel like couldn't step out my door without having at least two kind of my outfit in same colour. I can't, I just can't :")

This hat is my new love, after my red floopy hat! <3

What I Wore:
 Hat: Bershka
Sabrina Top: Local Boutique
Stripe Pants: Local Boutique
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shoes: Zalora

Because what's day out without make up?

 What do you think about my outfits? Tell me down bellow as always! :))


Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

Beauty Review: Face 2 Face Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream

Out of my comfort zone

Hello again my fellow bloggers!
In this time I will share about Another Local Lip cream Review by Local Indonesian Product named Face 2 face Cosmetics. The Brand was built in 2010 and basically producting eyelashes, now they are spreading their wing to cosmetics, lip cream, lipsticks, and skin care. In this time the swatches that I do with my fellow Bali Beauty Blogger is SPONSORED by Face 2 Face Cosmetics that in Bali Area available in Yenchan Cosmetics.
Read another of my sister swatch review with Make Over in here.

Face 2 Face Soft Matte Lip Cream comes with a cylinder tube with plastic glass, its tall and clear that allowed us to see the product from the outside. The applicator is long and easy to working with for me. The packaging also contain the ingredient of the product, expiry date, and the shade.

About The Product:
Face 2 face Soft Matte Lip Cream have 10 beautiful shades that comes in wide range. As they labeled the product a ‘soft matte lip cream’ the texture of the product are cream based liquid lipstick. It dried fast and having great pop colours. The lipstick contain 5gr of product as normally any liquid lipstick come. Face 2 face Soft Matte Lip Cream also said their product could mosturizing our lips, have a longlasting formula, and come with anti oxidant + UV Filter. When you open the tube, it contain sweet smeels that I bet not everybody love, because it maybe too sweet for some people. The aplicator pretty much working to swipe the product as well. 

IDR 60 K

Where to Get:
Face 2 Face official Website click in here
Denpasar Area: Yenchan Cosmetics

LC01 Tokyo Midnight 
Soft Pink shade that really suit in fair and medium skin tone I tho. In picture my friend kak Shani, she's so gorgeous in that shade, right?

 LC02 Shanghai Red

A pretty classic red shade that I choose as mine when its time to pick some product for each one of us. I know its kinda out from my comfort zone, but this red colour just so dope. The kind of red that I can afford and comfortable enough to wear. Super pretty shade, chic, and glamour for night out!

 LC03 New London Sizzle
BRIGHT Orange shades that so Blinding if you see it in real. This sophisticated shade will suit you that love to playing with make up especially when it comes to summer make up look.

 LC04 New Purple in Paris
Soft Purple shade that actually wearable to daily used. It really suit good on ce Jessica, right?

LC05 New New York Nude 
Another pink in the shade. This is the nude-pink on the series. Soft and sweet for daily use.

 LC06 Nude Hollywood
This is a super gorgeous Browny-nude shade that I thought every girl will choose as on the go shade. Its soft could match on any skin tone and just perfect for daily use.

 LC07 Pink Milan
The Mauve-Pink shade on the series that actually 'my' kind of on the go shades for daily make up. I actually Really want this shade but kak Dini found it first. LOL

LC08 Rouge Athena
This colours is a beautiful shades of dark red that actually suit on glam looks or if you wore if you wore it in sheer swatch it could be pretty too for daily make up look.

 LC09 Indonesian Beauty
This shade is a softer orange on the shade. When it blends on the lips it actually so gorgeous for daily lipsticks shade.

LC10 Maroon Mississipi
One of the most beautiful colours on the SERIES! The pretty maroon shade that actually could make you looks really glam. Suit on the date night, or night out.

Going out from my comfort zone be like.... Trying Red Lipstick!

The colour appear in only one swatch
Modern SHADES that contain wide range of colors
Contain rare colors such as braight orange and white-nude
Not make my lips dry
Longlasting formula

The Formula different in some shades
It somehow hard to remove


So far the one that I really love from Face 2 face soft matte Lip Cream is they're available In wide range colors, and make it possible to playing more with the the lips, and the make up. Of course I do find my right shade of Red lipstick too in this series. The top three of the shades that I love are: New Shanghai Red, Pink Milan, and Maroon Mississipi. 
I can wait to play more with this product. Until the next time, I will keep updating my new experiment with you guys!

Check out Face 2 Face product on:

What do you guys think about our swatches with Face 2 face Soft Matte Lip Cream?