Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Mood Swing

 On the blue mood

This post just another 'hello fellows long time no see you guys' kind of post. LOL
I really love to writing and sharing my activities with you guys, but as time goes by there's tooo much stuff to do, and so hard to make proper photo(s) to be posted. Since my brother in his mood to taking (some) pictures of me, I decide to dress up like fifties in blue. Hehehe. 

This is how I strart to swing LOL

Pardon my duck face

All of my outfits today are stealing from my mama's closet, I hope you guys enjoyed my feeds! *blowkiss*



Selasa, 28 April 2015

The Essentials of Black and White

Audrey, am I?

Hello again bloggerland!
Last sunday, me and my Bali Fashion Blogger friends just done a mini fashion show at Lippo Mall for Mave Magazine 4th Anniversary.
The theme was black and white. So, here's the (not so) live report from our show. 

Samantha's feather hat // Zara Necklace // Unbranded white shirt // Bigygorjes' Dress and Shoes


Senin, 23 Maret 2015

The Daisy Neck

Meet up with the bfb

Still on my lame story, my campus life kinda got too much of my time. Hfff...
So, last weekend my cool guys joining an event on a mall and I decide to meet them. Kinda fun meet them again after such a loooong time.

Doing weird pose with them. lol
My outfit that day

DAISY CHOKER // Bloom crop vest // Blue flare skirt // Blue flats

I never know that I'm gonna looking good with choker

Thank you for reading