Jumat, 19 Agustus 2016

Get lost mission: Gili life crush

Until We Meet Again, Holidays!

Finally we reached our day 3 and 4 of our HOLY-days. Since we're going to another island (again) we're take some more fun and some less pictures. So, here we go again about the journey I've taken.

Car Wefie for life.

Some cute spot at Gili Trawangan:

I can't help. This store just way too cute <3 

Sun-Kissed me everyday

Cute dandelion, that they gifted to me. LOL

And this is the final product of my tanned skin :)

It's always hard to say good bye of everything, but anyway lets say see you again till our next HOLY-days. 


Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

Feeling so Blue: Rinjani Lodge and Senggigi Beach

 Captured by the lens on a speed of light-driving. LOL

Here is the next post about my day-two LOMBOK-holiday🙋🏻

Starting it with weirdo selfie. LOL

What's so funny guys?

We're decide to go to Rinjani Lodge, a resort near Rinjani mountain that have a super breath-taking view. For you all that have a plan to go to Lombok, this place I gonna give 9/10 of place to visit there. The journey worth the destination, I swear you.

One of the best swimming pool I've ever saw with my eyes. Now I shared it with you with my lens.

What's so serious to ordered, miss Ayu?

A lot of selfie, of course.

My current fave things on the vacation.

Finally, I could share my proper look with proper clothes with you guys. LOL.
This is gonna be the best outfit that I wore during my vacation to Lombok. I manage to wore my fave colors all from top to bottom. YA, you all know my fave color from now on.

Flower Crown by my LDR BFF Blogger Gaby // Cut Out floral dress by My Fave Local Boutique // Clucth a Birthday Gift by my BFF PRAMITA // SUMMER BROWN sandal by Bigygorjes 

Abang is eating spring rolls, peacefully <3

 THE CREDITS to all of THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS during my vacation is to this boy, heading to instagram @gunggde to see his other beautiful feeds

I can swiming here forever

What's holiday without swimming?

And much mooore selfies to go.....

And of COURSE! Local FOOD <3

Pardon my blinking selfie, please :p