Senin, 16 November 2015

The Prana Spa Bali's Treat

It's been the best 2 hours of my year!


My warm welcome tea!<3

Hello my fellow bloggerland!
I'll make a review about my spa experience at The Prana Spa Bali. 
 Prana Spa is one of the Sponsor of The Fashion Festival 2015, they offer an exclusive complimentary to try one of their treatment for the media partner *Drums Roll*, including me. Honestly, I'm feeling so lucky because of I was take the chance to try their offer, because of some of my media friends didn't take it, seriously they're all regret it after I told them how heavenly the treat was. 
I was choose to get their Mystique of Bali treatment wich is contain  Succumb to the traditional techniques of a Balinese oil massage followed by my skin being polished by the herbal, aromatic spices of the lulur body scrub. Next a cooling yogurt splash all over my skin. Then I Soak in a floral-relaxing  in a Rose petal and Frangipani flower bath with a refreshing beverage (My fave part). The treatment was taking 120 minutes or 2 hours, and trust me that was one of my best 2 hours of my oh-so-tiring year.

Okay, I'm Off to my treatment! No More Camerea, girl!

Anyway, beside the super great treatment I'm so in love with Prana's architecture. Every each corner are so lovely and beautiful with the combination of Indian and Middle Eastern influence. I can't stop taking pictures. LOL. Just FYI,  If you interest to do any mid-eastern photoshoot in Bali I guarantee you Prana's corner own all you need. 
Ah, I'm so in love....


Jumat, 16 Oktober 2015

Bali Fashion Tendence 2016

Amazing three-days of fashion nights

It's fashion week season again in BALI!
Bali Fashion Tendence is an event that held by Associations of Indonesian Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs Bali. TS Suites and Leisure Seminyak-Bali was chosen to be the place to held this amazing-three of fashion-able nights in Bali. The event was so amazing and looks like well-done organized. I'm so lucky to get chances to watch 2 of 3 days of their event.

Black Feather headpiece // Black Jumpsuit // Shoes - Zallora // Mom's Bag

Rattan Hat // Maroon Polkadots Dress // A set of maroon ethnic accs // Brown clucth // Maroon Shoes - Kickers


Minggu, 20 September 2015

Review : Aneka Lovina Villa and Spa

The best of September

September been my fave month of the year since I'm in college. Yap! Because it's HOLIDAAAAAY!<3 
I'm too excited in every holiday ever, since being a med student are really exhausting for me. So, my parent take me to a lovely short getaway to Singaraja. We spent three days and two nights, doing city strolling, visiting my dad's friends, watch my lil brother's basketball match, and of course enjoying our super comfortable place-to-stay: Aneka Lovina Villa &Spa.

My Wake up caller

My forever fave spot <3

I'm super duper in love with this place-Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa. As a super satisfied visitor, I'm feeling so honnored to write about this place. I was arrive on the evening, the sun kissed my room's balcony, too pretty. The service of the hotel is great. My fave time during stay on the hotel is on the breakfast time. LOL. For me, the foods that serve in breakfast are the image of a hotel. If the breakfast is good then the other foods from their kitchen are good. And Aneka Lovina Villa and Spa IS. The foods are too tasty and satisfying. The employees are very helpful and friendly, especially on the banquet breakfast, I'am so well treated. Big breakfast for two days. YAY! 
As my friend(s) call me a beach-girl, and I am. My fave spot on this place is the pool, and the pool is by the sea. Yes, Aneka have a private beach-area. My Sunset for two days are the best in september. I'm so swimming like a fish like every time. LOL. Beside the hotel-standard facility, Aneka also provide a spa treatment for the guess. 
For you guys that have a plan to go to Singaraja-Bali this place so recommended to be a place-to-stay for your leisure time.

My Baby Dolphin

My Fave companion


What's vacation without any selfies? :p