Kamis, 18 November 2010

DAN's acc in twitter ♥


I've just see your new acc in twitter a few minutes ago Dan, I was gogling your name and eventually gets your Twitter acc.
You know ? its kinda happy to know you're new in twitter,  really enjoyable to see your tweets , it's looks like me last year :)
okay, i think its different im not pupular like you dan :p
but still i dont know why i just feels this freakin' happy , its like proud to found your acc Dan :)
it's also feels like fly and for sure i cant stop smiling :)
Ohmy Ohny Ohmy ..
I belive someday i'll really meets you Dan, i really loves your acting in Harry Potter
I always waits for HP even, here , i must waiting long long time before i can watch that, sometimes its kinda bored to waits but, no problem at least i have to watch that, right?
Okay thangs Dan :) if you've to waste your time to read my silly messy blog and of course the grammar :)
If you don't wanna read this, no problem just ignore this blog , okay ?
Nice to see your acc Dan, have  great nice day always yaa :)


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