Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Happy MOM's Day

  Hello there ! long time not wrote here ! yeaaah , i miss this much surely ;;)
by the way today i'll share my experience in My Super Mom's day, 22 Dec last week and also some picture ;)

 the day before Mom's day, mom was mad at me cause of  that I'm (still) not know well where i will continue my study after my high school (hey ! I'm in second grade, and i don't wanna lose my freakin' awesome time , in my great cool school MOM !)

Okay back to the TOPIC !
ehhm, maybe i'm kind of romantic person, and  i dont know why, i always in love with whatever who called with ceremony and every surprise ceremony :) 
Then i ask to my big and lil' brother to "cuk-cukan" (cause i can't found the english of cuk-cukan, hehehe ..) , to buy small cake and small bouquet of flowers for our SUPER MOM ! :D
After the schooltime over, I and my friends Cok Is and Tjok Indy is go to some boutique in sudirman street to search something for our own mom (in this case i wanna buy something for my MOM whitout used the "cuk-cukan" money, hahaha.) , but unfortunately we can't found something there. So because of we won't arrived home too late, we decided to just buy bouquet of flowers . And , finally we found the flowers, and go to our own house. even fell soo tired , i was just go a head to a bake shop and buy small cake for my MOM  ♡

And after arrived home, i'm speechless when saw my MOM just arrived home before I'm. So, that clearly I can't make the ceremony like a surprise ceremony , poor me !
because of that so i just can give my MOM the bouquet of flowers and said "i'll give you small ceremony MOM" , and  i continue with cooking dinner for perfecting the ceremony ;;)

this is the picture of MOM's day last year : 

this is the cakeee :)

this is the cake, and the flowers, the gift is from my MOM's studets in POLTEKKES :)

and this is the picture of ME and my SUPER MOM ! :)

and the bad news , the picture of This year's MOM's Day was disapear from my laptop, so i Can't share the picture , poor me ;(

see you in next post ;;)

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