Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Happy Birthday Boy !

Hello there , it's 11.29 pm when i start to type this, too late maybe for a senior high school like me to type, but who's care-lah , as usual i'm in my deeply Insomnia , haha ;p

but i think i'll really finished to type this in early , Jan 19th 2010. 
This day is not a special day for me, but maybe for someone in my heart, for now. 
Today is his SWEETSEVENTEEN birthday, like everyday i wish for him, today i wish he gets whatever he want in his live.

Before i write this, today is like a special day, but today i'm speechless to face this nervous day. All i can do just nothing, give nothing and said nothing </3

He just being my mr. Super Uber Right lately. The Reason why i smile , when i gets big fight with my besties. The reason why i stay at school and searching his face and waits till he into his motorcycle. The reason why I hiding myself behind the books  in library when  he in physical class in the morning.

All the stupid things to do
An abstraction off all the feels
The reason for three magical words 
between ME for YOU


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