Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Oxford Shoes

i'm not a fashion lovers , fashionista, or whatever i just inlove with fashion's world 
but, one of i love in Fashion World is Shoe and deeply with OXFORD SHOEs !
yes ! its CUTE , and HEAVEN for me :) 

i can't describe how much i'm in love with oxford shoes, as you know or maybe you haven't know yet,  oxford shoe is a shoe with cute shoelace, looks girly, not too boyish like usual sportshoes , i personally think it will fells like heaven when I wore it with jeans and cute T-shirt , i call them oh-so-me :)

 it will looks cute too when you used it with dress or skirt , the shoe would make lil boyish and femine touch in your outFIT! cool and cute :)

this shoe generally made from leather, but nowdays oxford's material alvaliable to made from many others depens on our requirement or taste to wore it 

and the bad news , even i sooo in love with that i had that CUTE shoe yet ! 
yes, as i said i'm not a fashionista, and  i'm not have too much money to buy it , actually ;p 
so if someday i have enough money , i'll buy it , maybe till i have 3 or 4 pairs ;p

 this BLUE one ! i WANT this for SURE !

see at next post :D

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