Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Happening sometimes

Hidup itu memang kayak roda, kadang di atas kadang dibawah, kadang sedih kadang juga seneng, kadang hitam kadang putih dan lain-lain deh.
Selama 16 tahun ini aku tau baru sedikit sekali yang aku tau dan dapet di kehidupanku, masih anak bawang-lah istilahnya belum banyak pengalamannya di dunia ini, it's too morning to say I know something well than my Mom, but surely sometimes I did it, yaah emang menurutku aja sih hehehe
I have a big bodyshape in my age, it's annoying sometimes but lately I know it's all just mine, I'm living on it and if i want make it slimmer, whatever i need to do just CHANGE something.
I really Enjoyed myself lately, i really proud tobe MYSELF, it's not just about word but really really really enjoyed myself, it's maybe because I do something better lately, I just do whatever I love to do, I ignore-ing every people who say something bad about me, and I think how to beat this fvcking fake and liar word is about how to APPRECIATE oueselves better and do something better for ourselves and for everyone :)
Just SMILE more and you can do it better ! 


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