Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Is it love?

What is it?
This Fvckin' feelin' ?
I don't know what is this trully are, I don't gonna too morning to said this feeling called 'love' because of I don't excatly know what love really are.
Sometimes i really enjoyed it, the feeling who make me fly when i see his smile, see his eyes, see the way he speak, the way he walk, the way he used his uniform, the way he talk, and the silly one is when my eyes met his eyes, whatever i can do just see to another section just like a thief who caught when steal something, but would it just called steal when we gaze to a person who we're adore?
I Think 100% that's a BIG NO !
I Hate the feeling when it really contaminate my mind who make I'm like a stupid just think about you along day, broke all the things just because saw his tweet with another girl! Like an Idiot getting mad with his girlbestfriends when they lunch together!
But sometimes this Fvckin' feelin' much let me have great spirit to face my day, really sometimes i just go to school ignore-ing my teacher speak, feel BORED ! but just after see his shadow stupidly it make me stay at school longer just for met him! Idiot Idiot Idiot ! Idiot because of you.
Honestly i'm kinda girl who easy to like a boy, i said like a boy and the next week i said i like the other one, so I'm just surprised you can't carry my heart along this. It's taste different when It was YOU.
I remember surely you have made many good affect for myself, you made me know there's something better to be honest, even honest is sometimes hurt.
Your to the point words when we're BBM-ing or tweeting, it's enough to tell me that you NOT feel the same with me.
I don't know when this sucks felling would be nice to go away and STOP disturb my whole life, But till that come true i think and feel I a little more enjoyed THIS.

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