Senin, 18 April 2011


Hmm… This topic been trending in Twitter for maybe 4 or 5 days. Amazed!
And here it’s goes about me :

  1. M. Ayu Dwi Damayanthi is my full name.
  2. Love to speaks Lot! Anytime I speak, just shut up when sleep and not in my mood.
  3. Ayu, my friends in school call me till now (well, they “add” ‘mbul’ because of my body shape, so make it ‘Ayu Mbul’)
  4. I hate hate hate ! crowded place.
  5. Didn't like to be the center of attention..
  6. My real hair is bit curly but right now them all looks so crazy straight cause of smoothing effect.
  7. Big and tall that’s me
  8. Been like this since adore “hansamu”
  9. Is my lucky one, I LOVE this number as long my life and I can remember.
  10. Was born in Denpasar-Bali in 2nd of June 1994.
  11. In my sixteen I thought I’m stronger, my cry frequency not as often as in the past
  12. Some people said that I’m Good in speaking to stranger
  13. Sorry I hate this number, always try to scape this in my life
  14. Have talent in writing
  15. Loving Mom, Lotta!
  16. Mychildhood name is “Adek” and “Ade”
  17. The one Daddy’s girl, my big and lil’ brotha are boys.
  18. A BIRU, BLUE, AOI freaks! Loving this color aloooooooots!
  19. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is the first guy who I said handsome.
  20. My hair just like a shit, it’s never falls ferfectly like Bruno Mars said.
  21. RED DEBRA is my drugs. I put it in my heavenly room everydays after make new wallpaper a few weeks ago.
  22. In love with Wedges, and Bootie so do Oxford shoes.
  23. Sometimes crazily I thougt that I’m beautiful with my way.
  24. Have big passion in blogging.
  25. Selfish, everyone who love me know that
  26. Lotta Lotta Lotta Loves for Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja <3. Adore him since first time see him and Holic with him after FKS!
  27. Well appreciate anythings handmade especially my OWN handmade.
  28. Fashion Lovers but not Fashionista.
  29. When I’m rich later in future, would love to tour in Europe especially England and France.
  30. Have Dark Skin, not too brave to use bright color for my outfits
  31. Someday maybe would have my OWN clothingline. Astungkara.
  32. Wouldn’t stop loving Harry Potter in my life, both of films or novels.
  33. Don’t know why just interested with charming boy. But not in a relationship yet. I wish after sweet seventeen that a YES !
  34. FKS really change my life mind set and life&live. Thanks lotta Kak Kevin and Hansamu.
  35. Have sweet memories in KFC Jimbaran. Would just keep it as a sweet senior high moment.
  36. Blue rose one of my favorite. It’s like a Barbie doll , fake but cute and beautiful.
  37. Love to vintage and classic stuff it’s both glam and timeless
  38. It would so freakin’ HAPPY if someone would gives me a pair of Bottie or Vierra’s second album for my Sweet seventeen gifts.
  39. Never love yellow before know how lovable yellow in kerisan flowers’
  40. I belive someday Dad and Mom will open their eyes, that I can do MORE! than my brother, EVEN I’m JUST a GIRL !
  41. Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Olsen Twins and Sonia Eryka Moe are my fashion Idol.
  42. Maybe would be a doctor like my Dad&Mum’s wish.
  43. Not good in drawing, but since I’m in 11st grade my skill goes better.
  44. Maxi dress is my dream stuff. It’s really polite, but I can’t imagine my self wore that maybe would be like “Bantal Guling” hahaha LOL
  45. I’m Berry muchaaaa love my Blue-Vario, It’s my soulmate. with me all the time I need it!
  46. Just lose my blackberry last February, I hate me </3
  47. Hot item wanna have soon : Leather bag, and full color stocking or legging.
  48. Really enjoy my 11st grade. THIS IS THE REAL ME !
  49. Bad in sport, just well in swimming.
  50. Polkadot is sweet, cute and sexy nothing would tell how much I Love dottie
  51. Have good Immune system, so that I just rare get illness. I wish it Woul be forever like that
  52. Leo is my teddy bear I hug it when sleeps lately.
  53. Cinta Pertama (Sunny) is the one of local film that I really adore.  I know well some of the dialogue.
  54. Reckless and messy yeah they both in me.
  55. I’m a gogirl! reader.
  56. is my new moodbooster <3
  57. A good person in manage money.
  58. Una, Uthie, Ita, Diah, May, Dewi, Astari, Mira, Kanya, Indah, Cok Is , Tjok, Ica, Feby, tell me much ‘bout friendship.
  59. Ice cream, Cheese, milk, water, and yogurt I really don’t wanna live without.
  60. A student of SMA N 1 Denpasar, an awesome School ever.
  61. Labile so please handle with care.
  62. Bad temper sometimes
  63. Member of Smansa Journalist Club and Smansa Electro Crew <3
  64. Really hate smoke, I can’t breath well if someone smoke even 3 or 4 meters from me.
  65. Just promise to myself to life happy and laugh more.
  66. Don’t gonna so fVckin’ care anymore with whoever who talks in my back! They’re just envy with me.
  67. Love seeing someone Liar just because of wouldn’t see myself getting liar.
  68. Haven’t get my first kiss yet
  69. I’m A technology illiterate so I wanna study hard to stop being that.
  70. Loving my RIP grandpa so mucha, even I’m ugly he keep said that I’m Beautiful. Miss you Pekaaak T_T
  71. Doodling in every paper. Lately I had a book for doodles :p
  72. Pure love, true love waits. Absolutly proud to say I’m 100% virgin.
  73. Hansamu is a fake name for the guy I adore at school. He’s my senior in school :$
  74. Not really like Japanese foods. Just takoyaki and Ramen maybe.
  75. Can’t eats spicy food till JHS. And be a spicy addict in SHS.
  76. I love to wearing “Kebaya”.
  77. Always do stupid things when met hansamu.
  78. A teenlit freaks. Just try to read classic story lately.
  79. Have a plan to celebrating my sweet seventeenday in Orphanage.
  80. I thought Mom didn’t like I’m dress well. she want see I’m wear jeans and T’shirt every time till I’m old maybe. And hard to say sorry I would use it all time anymore even that both are my favorite item.
  81. Hate cat till now.
  82. The girl with a dimple on left check, yeah I’m.
  83. Not too good in English, still study, and confidence to write in English even do many mistakes.
  84. Not good in socialization with new people especially in school.
  85. A Gemini. So that love twins even I’m not.
  86. Hmm.. A lil’ sophaholic when have money.
  87. Lace one of my favorite items.
  88. Wishing Kak Kevin would tweeting to say happy birthday to me in my Sweet seventeen day :D
  89. Not gonna so freakin’ care with mathematics so do Chemistry.
  90. You and I will fly from ten2five. Really enjoy it.
  91. Lucky because of my Ida Sang Hyang Widhi, astungkara for ever and along my life.
  92. Loving Biologi a bit.
  93. A walk to remember, one of romantic film ever.
  94. Really want new Blackberry from my parent in my sweet seventeen day. Astungkara.
  95. Maybe I would choose rabbit as my pet someday.
  96. Wishing I’m thinier when I’m in my promnite next year, astungkara.
  97. People said I have a “Sok Imut” Voice. If you all just hear my voice you wouldn’t belive that I’m have a big bodyshape. But you know my voice is real not “Sok Imut” as they said.
  98. Not good yet in Driving, Wish it better in My Sweet Seventeen Day
  99. Wishing Hansamu would accepting in FK UI everydays :)
  100. 100. Adore Men who have good bodyshape like Taecyeon and Rain <3

Ayu Damayanthi

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