Kamis, 28 April 2011

Last Thursday ♥ :)

Date & Time : Thursday, 28th April 2011 &  7.15pm
Place : My Heavenly Room
Situation : Happy like never before :)
Mood : Stable 
Dear Aoi ♥
Today is Thursday again aaaaaaand you wouldn't belive kan If I said that I just told him that I like 'Hansamu'?!
Yes! me too I can belive I was just do that, I met him in the alley between SOS class and his old class... I stand under the the sunshine to make my body stop shaked with nervous. Aaaarh I can't remember well what was I speak about, yeaah you know I'm too nervous hmm... Finally I've just do that dear, here is some conversation that I can remember well 

MeI do not know it's right or wrong but I like you, and and and... hahahaha.... and... (smiling smiling like     crazy girl)
Him : speechless ... hahahaha...
Me : Hahahaha Yes... And I'm going to surgery this friday...
Him : (mouth shaped O) what kind of surgery ?
Me : Fam ... ZZzzzzz

And sorry dear that's all I can remember well I busy to handle the nervouses haaah! slap that yu! 
Really I feel like another bitch today aaaaa shit that :( 
You all know why I do this?
Because of I'm Bored to wait! I'm bored to made my heart waitin'. It's Isn't easy for me to say its all I've been waitin' for 8month to say its all. Now after this all I do I will MOVE ON. I would be a new person especially after the surgery. 
I know it wouldn't be easy to move on, its sooooo hard to Move on,  like @poconggg said : "Moving on itu lebih gampang dilakuin kalo ada orang yang di moving-on-in". I thought its true but that's not a good words for me for now. Whatever He's been in my heart long enough, so yaaaa I would just wait and see :)
My biggest resolution for now = GET WELL SUPER SOON!
Thanks hansamu you told me much 'bout life and like, whatever I'm happy with this all for sure!
And this is not intent of this love story ends on Thursday of this nature the secrets that will forever be a confidential nature.. so I  would this is my last thursday♥  
"I Start it I ended It, I proudly said I'm absolutly QUIT" 

Big Hug and kisses 
Ayu Damayanthi  ♥  

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