Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Letter to a Piano Prince

Date         : 23rd April 2011
Time         : Midnight maybe about 11.29pm
Condition : Terrible like in hell
Location  : My heavenly room
Backsound : All song in my laps playlist

Dear Kak Kevin, 
Did you remember last January, Hmm it’s about 23rd maybe, you’re with Vierra perform-ing in SMANSA? If yes maybe that’s not a big things for you, but you’d never know It’s realy ANYTHING for me, yeaaa, that’s all totally change my LIFE Kak.
You know that time I felt happy and blessed, that caused me do crazy and good things.
Start from this : I thought I was the one and only girl who screamed loudly in that’s rainy night.  And in twitter I mentioned you : “Kk @apriliokevin liat gak cewek endut gila yg td teriak² dkt kk kevin ? That's me loo (˘˘)” hehe Yeah maybe mine not the loudest voice, because my voice just like jerks, it’s sound like 10yo girl.
Secondly I did craziest thing I have ever done along my age. Yah! I poke the guy that I adore and we were In small conversation under the rain, it would be sweet if we’re not to nervous with the conv
Me  : Hallo *Piip (coquettishly poke him *ashamed)
Him : Oh hay! (smile, yeah smiling J Seems would go cause of the rain)
Me  : Btw Happy birthday ya (Yeah, he got his birthday in Jan 19th)
Him           : Ohya makasi  (shooked my hand)
        Aku duluan ya…
Me  : Daaaa (waffed and smile like a crazy girl!)
Zzzzzzzzzz`.... I know that I’m Happy but do you think so If  I said that I’m embrassed? If I remember that moment I felt like did Jack Ass Kak, Huhu …
The Last One. I really sorry about this kak, I know this is not a right place to say this here. But you should know all the truth kak, in this case you’re did it you made me gonna recovered with all of this illness.
This is about an illness who choosed my body to got it. Exactly in *piip, my right *piip . I personally know it and have to told my Mum ‘bout it, and Mum said it technically normal happen in a teenage girl like me, because of the hormone not balanced yet(my Mum is a midewifery and that’s happened to when she was teenage). I believed my Mum, but you know it’s annoyed to felt it in different size(sorry). It’s crazily bigger and bigger, I scared to told my Mum cause of I don’t want said annoyed and fussed. I know nothing ‘bout that, I’m afraid kak, I tought it was a Cancer, that time I promised my self I wouldn’t told anyone my condition, I just waited the death eather came and pick me up, without anyone know my illness, yeah now I thougt that the silliest thing that I ever thought.
Dear Piano Prince…
God so kind with me, so you’re sent to bring me the miracles, don’t deny me before you finished read this letter Kak. Just after you performed in front of my eyes (I’m standing exactly in the guardrail). I adore you before Vierra Kak, almost since I’m freshman in JHS, but it’a not an addict like todays. I don’t know why I so excited to watched you perform, It’s really spured my adrenaline and make me so freakin’ HAPPY ! I enjoyed all your instruments till the end under the rain, I never love rain before but really after that night I thought rain were soooo Romantic :$
I thought I can do EVERYTHINGs kak, EVERY single THINGs, Including recovered! I go to school in the tomorrow morning and LISTEN all my teacher teach even many of my classmates truant and I wrote in my PM in BBM “Sekolah karna disuruh sekolah sama kak Kevin J” Seems crazy ya? Hehehe…
Along the day in school I prepared my heart to spoke up with my Mum. Yah the time came, like know the condition the earth just like supported me. My Mum never home before 4pm lately, but that time she’s home before me, she said that she’s bored and sleepy so she home early that day. And finally yeah I told anything to her, anything and I cried in silence I’m in a deeply fear. Mum said “Wait till your Dad saw this” (Dad a Doctor). Then I Cried till sleept. When Dad just Home, He check my condition. He was speechless, in the evening they picked me to a *piip doctor I felt terrible when red the doctor’s title “*piip” Haah I gonna Die.
After 2days checkup and USG the result saw all the things normal, the doctor said like my Mum said a few moths ago. And he decide me to stop eating junkfood, Chocholate(HELL!), Meat, Soda and anything with MSG for 3month for see the result. I wanna recovered soon, so I did  that all kak, I’m a choco addict and I stop eat that(I really wanted for recover!). I’m not eatin’ bakso too hu’uh.
A few days ago I’m so freakin’ happy because of  I can go to the doctor(happy ‘caused the diet just ended!). The doctor said all okay, but he suggested me to follow up USG and I did! 2days ago. The result totally made me depressed, ‘it’ was develoved not getting’ smaller but bigger now, it’s about 7,5cm. would you believe Kak? I’m not. What again? Yah I’m cried-cried-cried.
He suggested me to check up again in a Lab Doctor for saw the preparation. And I did it again yesterday, he was injected *piip, it’s so hurt kak, the taste was different when that’s in arm. And what the doc said really made my whole world stopped a few second, he said the *piip should appointed with surgery. I reaaaaally want second opinion for sure, but here’s the fact that he’s one of best doc in Bali, What again?
I feel terrible and certainly giddy hubbub tired  and anything worst..
What do you think kak?

Ayu Damayanthi
A Big Fan of Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja

PS : please read ur mail for the *piip words thanks, i really need ur support Kak :)

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