Kamis, 21 April 2011

Randomly from head

Hmmm hellow there I'm in my mood to write, but you know I even don't know what suppose I would write about.
well maybe start from this :  I really nervous today dear i'll get some checkup in my breast something happen there hah, I'll share you later 'bout that.... Yeah should you know I'm so desperate because of this all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , this illnes, I hate this, I just wannabe a normal girl is it to hard for you god?

3 komentar:

  1. mudah2an gpp ya ayuu :)
    blognya sudah aku follow ya ;)

  2. getwellsoon ayuuu O:)
    aku juga hbs checkup akhir-akhir ini hehe..
    smga hasilnya ga buruk yaaa ;)

  3. Kak Dee : Iya kak Dee makasi yaaaa huhu maaf baru baca ;;)

    Meisa : Iyayaaaa aku sudah sembuh nih ;)


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