Senin, 18 April 2011


  Since I like or adore or whatever with hansamu don't know just in love with wednesday.
  Let I share some story, Hansamu is a nerdy geeky boy, he's deeply in love with his comfortable class, aak I hate that. So you guys should ask what the correlation between hansamu and wednesday? Yaaaay! The answer is Hansamu gets PE in Wednesday, so he is for 2 hours in wednesday morning in school yard and it means I'm free to see him, yah ! Lucky me my seat in class enable me to see the school yard, so yeah, sometimes I can't hear well what my teacher said, it's audible like "blah blah blah". Yah and here were what I've write in my daily journal in some Thursday : 

Thursday Feb 10th 2011
"Celana Kegantutan, hahahah ganteng sih tapi. Moment sekali seminggu nih. I promise I wouldn't truant in thursday morning <3"

Thursday Feb 17th 2011
"Today I haven't see your smile yet, but you know? Haah I want into it dude! 
 Akhirnya siangnya ketemu :) Ganteng sekali maaaak ! Diolas! I love kamis !
 This is why I love Thursday for sure : 
  - XI Bahasa 5 --> Pelajaran di kelas full Bahasa
  - you're PE in morning 
  - Kamu selalu keluar kelas
  -Kamu kamu kamu!
  Aaaaaaargh I'm so Into! Sats."

   And Last Thursday I see him. He's pray for his Final National Exam. And Still please don't deny me, he JUST hansamu. I'm felt terrible that time. I thought it would be the last Thursday I saw him </3. The whole world like stoped a few seconds, when I realized that. Okay maybe I'm xcessive but It's really H-u-r-t. there is no farewell meeting.
 Yaaah That's just some story about my Thrursday. It's soursweet to remember. The one that just Senior HIgh School moments. 

Ayu Damayanthi

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