Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

9 things I wanna in my sweet 7teen♥

Why 9 things ?
Because I just love this number along i can remember, this number gimme lottas lucky in my life, thought :)
Here it goes : ♥

 1. Boots
Idk why, Lately i just so much in love with shoes, i bought shoe once a month since 3 month ago x_x
Boot is once of  'them' who so hard to get, poor me :(

2. Mulberry - Alexa Bag
I wanna this Fuckin' Pretty bag as soon AS I CAN !
I've been dream for this bag since saw alexacung wore it every days, and lucky her this Pretty bag named as HER's ♥  


Why Classic guitar?
Cause It's been years since i really wanna coula plays one of music instrument and thought guitar classic were cool ♥

4. SLR

 This is actually my dream gift ever for my 17 age, this gift would be mine if only I'm not too stupid to let my blackberry dissapear, thought I'm too careless to have my own expensive things, poor me ya :(

5. Vierramon
I'm obviously wanna this cute doll long time ago, since saw 'kak widy' take it in one of their perform, so you wanna gimme that cute ONE? :p

6. Flowery Stuff
Aaaa I love flowery, I wanna all item in picture above , ALL of them !
And Rrr it's hard to say I'm kinda obsessed w that flowery Docmart, hmm It's 'Anna Sui' I guess, and I know i don't have to much money to buy that </3

7. Dear God
Please skip April 28th 2011 boy, from my life. I don't hate him, i just can stay w that memories longer, I quit 

8. Love Life Laugh 
I wanna gettin' closer and closer w my girl who are :
- Putri, Una & Uma, Winda. 
- Gusti Ayu Pangastuti Arsinta
- Ida Ayu Tri Sukma Dewi
- Nyoman Astari Dewi
- Ida Ayu Mira Pradnyani
- Melania Roswita
- I Gusti Ayu Indah Yuniari Dewi
- Cokorda Istri Indah Puspitadewi
- Tjok Istri Indriyanti Pemayun
- Annisa T. Tayeb
- Nyoman Feby Wulandari 
another chill yuhuw :
- Inten Heny Pratiwi
- Rania Ayu
They're really my love, life and laugh, they made me understand friends were not 'bout happy together but sad together too
PS : -guys if you read this please understand I'm, you all are more important than anything in my beloved day, i wish you all there w me in my day ya :)
- It would be nice if you all gimme lil' sureprise, would you? I love being sureprised really :p

9. All The Best for Ayu Damayanthi

This lucky number is for me :
Who gettin' healtier day by da
Loving Mommy More
Stronger unbeatable♥
Slimer *affirmation
Be more polite and mature 
Do more goods tings 
Work harder to majoring in Medical Faculty 
and soon who I can't describe more :)

Love ♥
Ayu Dwi Damayanthi  

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