Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Another hobbies : Photos ♥

Time & Date : about 8-10pm, May 21st 2011
Place             : Hotel Bali Beach ( rr.. forget the name of the ballroom)
Meisa's Sweetseventeen celebration :) (and Fyi, this pict below, just 'some' of them, I have many other on my Laptop ;p)

w my dear beloved girlfie ♥ 

With girls :
Nina, Meisa, Dewi, Ocha, Wija, Dea, Aussie
Me, Indah and Astari 
Look How cute the bunny ear in me :p thanks Meisa !

 17 candle for 17 yearsold girl : Meisa♥

Nina, Tanya, Ipo
Dewi, Me, Indah  

w My girl CokIs♥ 

Indah-Astari-Dewi-CokIs-Me ♥

 "No, u're not my friend- u're my best friend-Albert"


 Astari was such as crazy girl, she take this pict while she drove (of coure when the Red light in the traffic :p) don't care, whatever I♥her!
and see CokIs expression ;p LOL

Aaaaand, This is full version of Meeeh ;;) 

What I wore :
Dotie dress-Unbranded
Lace Cardigan - Dewi's
Jade Ring - Mogi-mogi Shop
Black clutch Bag - Mom's
White Wedges - Unbranded♥

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