Senin, 02 Mei 2011


Hello there :3. Maybe it's too late to post about May Wish but whatev I just wanna post 'bout that ;)
  1. recover
  2. heal
  3. mend
  4. recuperate
  5. pull through
  6. Get well as soon as possible
  7. Essentially healthy healthy healthy
  8. Replications can join the class increases smoothly
  9. Have great scores at all field of study
  10. And The surgery goes smoothly 
  11. My life goes better and better
Huh I can't find another words again another words to made mylife well I'm just hubbub, I'm feeling empty like nothing would happen again. I lose my passion to do something, dunno just wish myself better.

In desperate
Ayu Damayanthi

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