Senin, 06 Juni 2011

9 Things about me

What do ya think about me girls?

Cois  : “Bigirl; sensitive; Attractive; Down to earth; Strong; Humane; Care; Grumpy(just for guy ; Love her best friend so much”

Astari: “You are so beautiful and very-very unyu :3 *she said the emoticon count too*” 

Indah : “Mbul; Talkactive; Seems like you can shallow everytings; Careing; Ceerful; Menye-menye; Have such an amazing “melengking” voice; kadang-kadang agak dese*heeey! Emangnya km ndak?*; Suka banget ngejekin temen”

Tjok  : “Tall; mbul; funny; talkactive; Autis; LOVE Kevin; loving romance film, novel addicted; slow song lovers”

Ica   : “Kind; jujur; lovers; sweet; kepo; moody and she lose another again”

Meisa : “Chic; funny; clumsy; simple; smart; hard-worker;  beautiful inside; touchy; sensitive.

Cece Ecak : “Kind; cute; reckless; ngangenin; talkactive; ngegemesin; manja”

Inten : “Humble; Nice; Vintage; lovable; surprising; patient; kind; wise; unyu”

Rania : “Bundo itu unyu kayak rania, terus cantik kayak Rania”

Ayu Damayanthi

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