Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Dears Heart

-          First time feeling something w him?
Hmm.. ‘bout freshman in JHS.

-          Why like him?
He bring me lottas happiness and miracles.

-          First time met him?
January, 23rd ’11 at Smansa.

-          What you love most about him?
His voice, aaaak <3

-          Things you hate from him?
He loves cita, just it.

-          Best thing in him?
His messy hair, love its berrymuchos.

-          Candle light dinner w him?
Would he go w big girl like I’m?

-          Will you love him more if he?
Say happy birthday to me in twitter.

-          Watching concert w him ?
Classical pianos concert or David Archuleta’s.

-          Wanna something from him?
Hearing his voice as my lullaby everydays, before I sleep.

-          Cute name for him?
Pianosweetpie :3

-          Give him something?
My heart, with his name tattoos on it.

-          He would looks amazing in?
Tuxedo! Dreamin’ it in mind.

-          Be his girlfie?
Do ya forget ‘bout cita?

-          Best attidute of him?
Loving his family much, kinda romantic guy.

-          Wishing something for him?
Always success, and please skip cita from his life.

-          Advice something for him?
Majoring yer study in university Kak!

-          3 words for describe him?
Creative, polite, lovable.

-          Will you love him forever?
Yes, if only he’s not with cita anymore.

-          Wishing he call you with?
Darlayu :$

-          Best expression do ya like from him?
When he smile :)

P.S. : If ya know me well you should be know who's him :p

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