Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

My Precious Moment - Sour - Sweet ♥

Hello aoierss, this is the photos of my Sweetseventeen birthday, and agains thisis just some of them ;;)

This is my surprises cake from MINES♥

Look how cute I'm in that cake :p

And this is my birthday cake, believe me that's oh-so-yummy :9

When they sing for me :)

IBU and Me♥

Ica, deLia, Me and Tjok ♥

The guest ♥

My cousin Gek Diah, Wah Panji and Me

Me, Tjok, Cok and Astari ♥

Ica, Me, Tjok and deLia ♥

Ica, DeLia, Me ♥

They signatured my birthday canvas ♥

Cois with her 'lengeh' expression♥

Ochak, Dewi, Me, Astari, Dea♥

deLia, Ica, and miss-busy-eat-TJOK♥

Me with gek Diah as the background ;p

Me and Gek Diah after cleaning my house :p

Small version of my birthday Canvas ♥

Thanks for everyone who gave me the gift ♥

And this is my 17th 'dese' facess LOL

This is me ;;)

My Fave pose :p

The last photos i post Here :D

What I wore :
Dotie lace dress-Irene's Wardrobe
Black Jegging - Bebe
P.S : No shoes that day, for made me easier walking when the guesst came and gone :p

Thanks for Visit Mine.

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  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you had an amazing day, that cake looks great!


  2. thanks kak :)
    are you Indonesian?


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