Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

MY Only Exception

Hello, aoiers I'm officially missing writing there, but really soooo many things that i really need to do lately. And I afraid i wouln't have eough time anymore to writing there, remembering after the school holiday I (ready or not) am already a XII grade senior high student *sigh. I need to study harder to fight National Exam, SNMPTN, PMDK and blablabla. Yah actually that topic sensitive for dad and mum and of course me lately.
Last nite was the announcement for the SNMPTN result for my senior(the XII grade who graduated this year) and absolutly that made me hubbub to the max. I cry out loud. Maybe I just too fear to face the future (SNMPTN test). 
So, you might be asking what excatly the probs. Yah the probs is me, LOL. And the good news was, HE accepted, and it was his dream faculty. Faculty of medicine. Oh god, idk what was the material of my heart, I can god, I can't even just forgot him. I know I'm stupid and I know he wouldn't being mine. But reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I want say something to him. It's hard to say. But I already miss him. For every polkadot in this world, I bet someday I would lose control of my hands and Berrie and I would do what a girl never do : Text that guy first. Huh, I can't believe how bitch I'm. 
Finally, the truth was I cry because I remembered him, with his cute smile and his all funny behavior, ah goooooood. He's the first guy who made me this crazy. I don't even care anymore what happen to him, before, but yeah, last night happen. I miss how cool he was when we're texting and how cute and handsome he was when he smile when we met. Help me god please :'( 
Idk why I cry for him, the one that I really miss him no matter what. And he would forever be my only exception...
I think it's all I can remember, I need to sleep aoiers, even I know he wouldn't be there in my dream, hahahaha LOL
Good night (err.. Morning) everyone, sleep tight and nice dream :)

miss. lovela

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