Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

17yo VS Maturity

Hey my dearest Aoiers, how was your day? I wish it's great :3
Such us hubbub night, tonite I think about life. Haha It's ridiculous, a silly girl like me tought about that, yah, like my Mommy always said that I'm kind of a lil girl that trapped in Extra Big body :p I'm never seriously think about my future, just like follow the orders of my parents, in some case like not have passion in mylife, hehehe. Actually not like that sih, I have sooo many passion, but I think it's kinda impossible to happen :p
Okay, talking about maturity, what do you guys think about? I mean for a 17yo girl for me, how it should be?
I guess I'm not kind of mature girl. My table manner sooo yieks. I'm Outspoken and talkactive than anyone I've met, silly, ridiculous, mess and fat :3. I've realized that I have so many minus than my plus :p, but lately I'm soooo much in love with myself. I think it's kind of my lil way to find my real maturity.
I know that soo many things in mylife should be changed to get that 'maturity' including my mindset, but sometimes I, myself realized being mature also about changed my bad habbit. Yeah, I would try it step by step even I know it will be sooo hard to do:p 

By the way, I found this old picture in my flashdisk few days ago, I miss thiss moment, being free together and not study at all -__-

Indah, Tjok, Me

Sleep tight everyone <3

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