Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Choco meet Strawberries = Buddies ♥

      Helooowwwh aoiersss. I'm back again to share my day :p. This is my dearest girls 'Cokorda Istri Indah Puspitadewi's' Seventeen  birthday. I and my buddies usually calls her 'cois ongols', I wouldn't tell 'why' but we thought it cute to call :p.
We came to her house about 3 pm, and as always she just sleeepsss. ZZZZ. And for shorten the story, we sucessed give her the surprise! Yaaaaay! :D

She just woke up when she blows the candles :p

Our gift to her : A book ( with million love inside) 
A kiss for a birthday girl

Small cake, small ceremony, but muchos love♥ 
Left to right :
Tjok Indri, Indah, Cois and Me.

We're both too much in love with camera :D

        Yaaah, We love cois, even though she is "ongol" and always just read our BBM without replay it. We're wish all the best things come to her, aaaand we would be 'Best Friend Forever'. Because someone said that the ingredient of bestfriends is as simple as "Caring & Sharing" we wish wee can do it as well as we can. We will love to see our child marry in future :$ So we will be a real family, even today we're feels like sister too, LOL :p

Black Cardigan - Amber color Short Jumpsuit - Vintage Jug Shape Leather bag

     My Outfits were so random. I guess I look sooo damn terible, but I love it. Mixed bright color with black, new experience of my stuff journey. And talking about the bag, that was my Mom's bag, she gave it to me this year, and I just like 'love at first sight' with that bag. 
What do you guys think about?

Ps: Thanks Inten for the camera :p

Wish everyone have great night,

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