Senin, 29 Agustus 2011

New age of ethnic style

Now I'm back again to share you something about ethnic style. Talkin' about it what's on your mind if read that? 

I can't find some references about ethnic, but I personally thought ethnic is such an old culture tradition which is sooo many kinds in this world. There in Indonesia, etcnic style in old ways still used by tribal in some areas. And honestly I'm in love with ethnic style lately, it's soo unique,pretty, also full color and make me happy :D. So talkin' about ethnic I guess we're talkin about pattern, color, fur, and It's transformation from old culture and modern style, agree or no?

Colour splash in New York's fashion week at Zac Posen's 2005 

 I love this picture because it's really white, everythings seems so natural.

 This is one of new transformation of etcnic wich is formed earrings.

 Like real tribal girl ya? Because of her braids I guess.

Chinese Ethnic style the make up : oh-so-awesome-

And this all stuff are the real modern fashion who created based on etcnic culture, I think the stuff above are some of our daily outfit, girls?

Source: my tumblr and google

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