Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Something lovely

Hellooooooow my dearest readers :)
Such as a good day today, my mood swing right today, not too happy not too sad to, I'd love to called it flat (for myself) LOL.
And I'm just arrived home from prayed withh my Family on our "kawitan temple" in Sesetan, I wore kebaya of course :3 I love wore it <3

 Blue Chiffon Kebaya - Blue 'kamen' - Blue lovela flowery bag - Blue Crocs sandals 

 You should know how much I'm in love with this color, just too much maybe :p. Talkin' why I choose to used this kebaya tonight was because I felt happy enought all day long, yah I often use blue color just when my mood go straight. Remembering my mood swing just like wind, hehehe *blushing*

 Is somebody there remember this kebaya bay the way? Hehehe, yeah! This kebaya is the outerwear that I was wore in my friend's birthday party, few weeks ago. Is it looks different or the same? I love this Kebaya, for sure!

 This is my mom's Red old wrap, pretty huh? I think yes. In this case the function of this wrap is not as a belt, but more for scarf that symbolizes modesty for girls, I don't know well why called like that, but conclude like that from story that I was hear from peoples around me.

 And this is it! my dearest lovela blue flowery bag <3. I don't gonna so much mind about, what peolpe will  say, this is soo tacky or 'alay' orwhat, I'm just love at first sight with this bag <3 <3

 Thankiss for reading dears
wishing everybody have sweetdream

2 komentar:

  1. nice kebaya, semuanya matching biru :) x

  2. romantise kalo cewek yg ngasi balon2an


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