Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Sugar in Voyage

Date : August, 5th 2011
Location: Pizza Hut
- Indah's 17teen celebration 

Hello there, how's life? I wish it better day by day for all of us :)
Bay the way today I'll share some picture from my dearest Indah's seventeen celebration. Actually her birthday was almost 2monts ago, but we can't match our time to go out together. So here were celebrating the "dadakan" birthday of her.
Me and my friend, Tjok just find the mini muffin next to PH, it's really my spontant idea, remember she's not yet inflatable candles in front of us :D

This is INDAH the birthday girl♥
PS: I'm sorry ndah, the candle was mine in my birthday celebration :p

Cok Is and Indah ♥

 Cok is, Indah and Tjok ♥
They're both rock yeaaaaah!

There's too much laugh today, almost burn the Resto with our candle, talked about "yollanda' also meet hawtt guy :9
Uyeaaah you rock guys!! I almost die because of ur laugh out loud ♥
I wouldn't foget that day, like I do know you both would do too ;;)

PS: This post is for them, so no 'me' here :p


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