Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Crazy Little Things Called Love

 PROLOGUE : All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of the heart. When we think of him, we will like umm..we always feel a little pain inside. But we still want to keep him. Even though, I don’t know where he is today, what he is doing. He will always be that person who let me know.. a crazy little thing called love.

I like you very much. Been loving you for 3 years now. I’ve done everything, changed myself in every aspect to be good woman for you..Played a stage drama, be a drum majorette, be better at studying..It’s all for you..But I know now, the thing that I should have done is telling you straightly that … I love you…

Synopsis :
Nam (Pimchanok Luevisetpaibool) is a bespectacled and dark-skinned 14-year-old ugly duckling secretly in love with Chon (Mario Maurer), her high school senior who also happens to be its most popular student. Over one summer, she ditches the spectacles and has her skin lightened. She is cast as Snow White in the school play and lands a spot as the leggy drum majorette leading the marching band. She sets hearts aflutter, but not Chon's. Or at least that's what she thinks...

PS : Mario Maurer really my new LOVE <3
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  1. Well, I love this movie, but I felt a lil bit disapointed with the ending ..

  2. I looooove this movie!

    Following you now. Please follow me too!


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