Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Garden, Lamp, and Happy

Date: September, 10th 2011
Place : Ocha's House
Event : Ochak's 17th Birthday Party 

I'm so sorry for make you guys bored read my post because of all the post just about birthday and birthday :D 
So, tonight I went to Ochak's birthday Party, and Ohack got the birthday 2 days ago, not excatly today. Ochak's birthday celebration concept was garden party, with lamp everywhere, yummy foods, also many of my friends were sing and 'nguyak ibe' for ochak :p

Ochak with her Birthday Cake {}

The super yummy cake :9

 Tjok, Indah and Me <3

Edo, Tjok, Ochak,  Me, Kovet and meng 

Polkadot T-shirt - Flowery Skirt - Brown belt - Flowery bag - Crocs sandals
Today's outfit were random (again). You know what? I got some happy sensation (again) when mixed some pattern *LOL*. It's like whatever people will say just "don't care" the most important is I have my self confidance when wore it! B-) 
By the way my photos backgroud was a paint with the blue light lamp above it, but unfortunately the light not appear well in my camera :'(

And Cupcakes (again) for today yeaaaaay!! *dancing*. Happy for even just saw the pictures there, because the real I guess there *pointed tummy* :p. Thanks for everythings today Ochak! Me heart you! <3

PS : I will be Happy too see you guys critize anything in my post, and thanks for reading all :D

2 komentar:

  1. bored? way NO! i love birthday, even i celebrate my b'day twice in a year :p
    cute birthday party, i love cupcakes. they're just beautiful and sweet :) and i love your outfit too. nice.

  2. happy birthday darling :) xx hihi
    asik deh sepatu emg hadiah plg bagus


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