Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Fashion Disaster

Date : September, 9th 2011
Place: The Oasis-Lagoon
Event: My dearest Annisa's 17th Birthday treat <3

This day was a lovela day for me, remembering this day one of my (best) friend Annisa, celebrated her 17th birthday party. Actually Ica got her 17th Birthday few days ago (31 august) but that day she was celebrating Eid too, so she celebrated her birthday yesterday.

Ica's Birthday Cake <3

Ica and her cake <3

Mayun, Kovet, Wicitra
Me, Tjok, Deby, Santhi

 Tjok, Me, and Deby <3

Me and Tjok <3

Me :3

Flowery dress- Tribal Purse - Cream color wedges
This is it! My today's outfit. What do you guys think about?
Fashion disaster enough? I Think yes.
But, you guys should be know I'm so happy wore that's all, because of Idk why, I'm just happy. Free in max, like a bird while fly *LOL* also mixed any color and pattern as random as I want.
Lately I think my signature is my mood, it can be soo calm and soo mess, depend on the situation, yaaaah can be called labile and hubbub too :p
And who knows tribal and flowery will be new trend? *LOL*

And Ica is soo kind as always and I hope forever. She gave me this cute blue cupcake. At least I can't say something better again, love you Caaak! Have great year ya :*

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