Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Groovy Night for Senior High School

Date : September, 17th 2011
Place : Lotus Pond - Garuda Wisnu Kencana
Event : Gempita Karmany Smansa (GKS) XV

Hallo dears, long time no see, do you miss me? :p
Okay, to the point this post is about, things that and my 'generations'mate really waiting for, our biggest project before we all 'lengser'
I'm even myself not a part of the commisions barely proud to present : Gempita Karmany Smansa - Blueforia.
Really not try to swanked, But I swear this event is the biggest 'PENSI' or kind of music scene for SHS student in Bali. By the way, this is GKS XV present Bondan Prakoso ft. Fade2Black and Sheila on 7 as our Guest Star.
Really sorry for not good resolution picture you might see below, I really try my best but I know I can do this better (read:Bad photos angle and editing). And I'm sorry too for not too much photos, that I will share, because of I'll keep the others as my personal picts :D

My friend-Dewi Putra as one of SMANSA models ;;)

Smansa Models on stage 

Bondan Prakoso on stage - He's even still cuteyyyy when sweating :3

 Sheila On 7 on Stage - Ya'aal wouldn't believe how handsome 'oom' Duta before you see with your own eyes

Ame's Boys

 They're so proud wear their new jacket :D

Left to Right - Tjok. Ica and Me

Left to right - Tjok Ica and Me

 Left to Right - Me, Indah, cois and Tjok

Me :3

And Me <3

What I wore :
Black Stripe Top - Blue Flowery Bag - Black Bandage Skirt - White Wedges - Random Accessories

The last picture above taken after the event ended, maybe about 2:30 am. Fyi, I'm not kind of 'night-teenage' girl, but my Mom and Dad were Allow me to go home late, because of they known that I'm really watch GKS no other :p
So, what do you think with my outfits?
Honestly, I my self love that's all, really comfortable :3 
Maybe you guys asking why I used wedges for watching kind of that event? 
Firstly, because my pals, Indah Used that, she ask me to use that too. Secondly, I thougth I will need that If I want taken some photos, and I'm 100 % correct! :D
By the way big girls, just be dare to mix and match your outfits dears, just smile and you are really beautiful <3 

 Warmest Hug

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