Jumat, 30 September 2011

Hello October

     Hey dears, how are you? How's life??
By the way this is last day of September, It's time to wake up, huh? I've done little thing this September, it's called 'Cerpan' in Bahasa, in english, long story maybe, hehehe. And I've try designed outerwear too, and it's kind of mess I though, random but I love it :D
     And I Hope lots of good thing this month. I really need refresh my mind and body, too much exam, course, study, etc etc etc, I'm even forgot how to be laugh out loud, I miss many things :( and sure, I wanna visit many place :'( I just wanna be Okay, God.
     I Hope I can have good relationships with my Family, my friends and a boy may be? :p
     I was read lovable quote few times ago : Dream Wild and love without fear <3

3 komentar:

  1. happy October, ayu! wish your wish list came true. amen... :)

  2. happy october, bundoo, wish all of your wishes come true 0:)

  3. sure I already follow you dear! happy october and thanks for following me :)


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