Kamis, 15 September 2011

September Project

Hello dears, I've changed my link by the way, hehe. thought the last link was to complicated to be type :D
I'm really sorry, for you guys who lost my link, I'll try to reach all of you, who left a message in my old link, once again I'm really sorry guys :(
Talking about this month, I've prepared something for my post, I hope you guys will love it. I called it my 'September Project'.
September 17th getting closer yah, I've waited for that, I'm so excited loh, I hope my outfit not kinda 'saltum' or something like that, remembering lately I'm sooo fad to mix-match my closet in max rate :p
 Do you asking what will in that date?
Waiting for my next post yah, thanks for reading <3

Ayu Damayanthi

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Thank you so much for reding mine, you definitely made my day!<3
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