Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Greek Coffee

 Give me a hello, friends?

 Gah! I'm so exhausted to face collage's stuff next year, yeah maybe you think I'm soo 'lebay' remembering I have about 5 months left before I must to pick what kind of departement that I'm going to study about in university. But I really not a good planner, and labile, and soon, so that I'm just kinda push myself from now. And last night after I took my English course, I'm about hubbub soo freakin' deep, crazily I drive my motorcycle to a coffee shop. The point wasn't the coffee shop, but I met a Shootsayer inside the coffeeshop. She told me ( I called her cece) that my aura color was so dark, that's enough to saw her that I'm under big problem.

 I take this with my cell-phone camera ~ my Greek Coffe's ground

 So, cece said in my coffee grounds left a picture of somebody who looks at the moon with cracks between the hand and the moon. Thats approximately mean I have to choose something big for my life - showed with the cracks. I also had it-continues problem showed by the moon, cece said that my problem like a circle-like the moon-uninterruptedly, excatly just about 'a' problem who really hard for me to face...... Myself.  Cece said many other about that coffee, but, I remember a quote who said : keep personal life personal, keep public life, public.

 Do you believe about forecast? I do believe, but I'm the best-who- know myself. I hope I can make the forecast just forecast, not something too big to think about. Agree?

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  1. followed . thanks a lot yaa :) nice to know you :)

  2. I agree so much with the quote, "keep personal life personal, keep public life, public."


  3. i belive!

    xoxo from rome


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