Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Pray For Bali

    Hello there, how's life?
    So many things happened in those 2 days, haiyaaaaak.... Small happiness, because of this blog not-so-be-bloked- because of I had some problem with the e-mail. I hope I'm not doing any kind of stupid things again this month o:). The second one issssssssss : I've found my lost storyboook, yeaaaaay *dancing* and again that's so silly, I've been crying for that, instead that's book was tucked inside my Balinese workbook -____-
   Bay the way, the news is today is come from my island, Bali. Today Bali had shaken twice by earthquakes, so scared. The first one was about half past twelve am and the second one about 4pm. I felt a bit traumatic, because of when the first earthquake, I was fall asleep in the 'health room' at the school, because of I got trouble in my stomach-period. That was like a dream, my attempt to save myself spontaneously came, it's weird yaaaa, remembering my tummy felt like shaked inside, and I still could jump from the bed and safe myself. Yah maybe that just human being, but I really thankful to my lord, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, that I've blessed, because I know anything possible happened, when I'm sleept and the earthquake.........
    At least in every disaster it will be something to learn and known... I hope my Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa will always bless me, my family, my friends and all of people in the world especially in BALI...
    Let's Pray For Bali o:)

Muchos love,
Dearest Ayu Damayanthi.

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  1. hello dear, big love and big condolence for bali! I am sorry to hear that, wish Bali could recover soon :)


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