Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Say Hello to Brittani

Bee's new best friend - A girl with too long neck

    Brittani Kline, a 20 yo girl from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania, has winning America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16. You know fellas? She’s really my new Idol <3 <3. She’s awesome model, I’ve felt ini love with her with her from the first time I saw her in the ANTM’s episode, couples week ago. Actually I used pretty sure that Brittani is a potential person the winning the competition. She has a good character, sometimes she maybe too frontal, but I really love her character. Brittani've survived so well during the competition. I really appreciate the way she love her Mommy.

Who's gonna 'down to earth' for got excelent photo? Brittani do!

Morocco's first photoshoot - I called it  : Rich Roamer

I love to see her lips shape and her beautiful eyes <3


    One of the judges in ANTM have said that Brittani have a romantic character in her photos, and I literally agree whit that statement. She has super beautiful eyes, who I thought can explain smiles on its. And that's soo true if they said that Britanni has natural talent for walk in runway. She's also soo profesional, she keep push herself to do her best even she's sick or hurt of it. Fyi, in the season finale in the competition, excatly in Viviane Westwood's runway, Brittani stumbled at the penultimate part of the show, injuring herself, though she decided to perform in the final walk anyway and smiled while-clapped his hands for herself and their 'succes' runway, even thought, her leg obviously soo sick. This is kind of wordless to explain how professional and strong the characters in her age.

Brittani with her 'ex-boss' Tyra :D

 Even, in her 'tomboy' hair, we still can see her gorgeous face

My Favorite photo! Congratulation Britanni <3

Brittani Kline: 'If You Want It, Never Give Up'

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  1. I love Brittany too kak! she had stunning bone structure <3


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