Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

woman instinct

   Hello dears <3
   I'm not through this day well, I know it, at least I've try my best. My mood not too good this morning, and nothing right was happen in school, but after I'm pray (today is a 'Purnama' day) I really feel so much better :D
   Soo, because of I have enough 'free' time tonight I will share something, check it out :))

Reddish Glam

Imagining that I can wore thats all in a romantic dinner with romantic boyfie :$

Imitated from Japanese mixed with English classic outfit 

It remainds me to Japanese-girl-uniform with the box bag when saw the top & bag, also a lady in England with the hat.

   I've just create a Polyvore account maybe about last month, and 2 pict above is my set. I love all of the stuff in the pict, I can say that's so 'me'. Remembering I'm not a kids anymore, (Seventeen :D) my Woman Instinct just appear, thought ... I'm not try to be older or kind of that, but thats stuff above really new for me, no one kind of that were already mine (or in same model or different color and kind of that). My mom used to bought me any clotes that's she thought fit for me, but since I'm in high school I try to pick my own wardrobe. Because of, I'm not yet stylish or kind of that, I hope I'm on right the way to create my own stylish world with my big-shape-body and not push myself to follow the trend like thinny girl do :D
  I hope, I can be stylish someday and Inspiring many big girl in this wolrd to proud of their body and loving theirselves for who they are <3

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