Selasa, 01 November 2011

Life's Drama

How was life dear? How was your day?
This is the first day in November, and we all hope the best for our life this month, right?
I’m personaly hope many amazing things for this month, my I list It?

1.       Getting closer to my God, Family and friends
2.       Doing anythings right especially to Up-ing my passing grade level in my Try Out for University test
3.       Buy something that I really need, not something I really want
4.       Meet my Idol : Kevin Aprilio (I’m Craving for this)
5.       Take care myself and my surrounding better
6.       Blogging more often
7.       BE MY SELF

Somehow, I’m crying because of I feels like have nothing enough for myself after saw my friends have something better than mine. But lately I’m try to made my mind grown up. I saw my surrounding and just thought how lucky I’m really are.

 I’m crying because of my friends mocked me cause of I have suck-frakin’-mess-and-stupid-hair, then my other heart's part say ‘how could you forget the people who don’t have hair when they agains cancer?’

I’m crying because I have big body when my friends have slimmer, then I remember how many people that dying caused of they don’t have money to buy foods, or no foods left in their house. And also there’s so many girls got anorexia when they really don’t want to be like that. Should I blame myself again to be ‘big’?

Okay, you maybe thought that I’m just searching any way-to-run from my problems or some not logic mind, but sometimes maybe you will try to think like I do, that’s works to keep your stress 0-meter still in 0 :D. So the big point there is how to keep Your heart healt with caring with others and relief what you had have.

And I wore this last saturday, Which is Tumpek Wayang Day :

Floral kebaya, Red batik Fabrick, White Shawl, Brown flat sandals.

     I'm sorry for the not-too-good-photo in this post, my brother rushed when take it -_-. And I proudly said this is one of my favorite part in my culture, yeah the clothes :D I'm sure that I'm in love so much with my culture <3.

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     Thankyou for reading, thankyou for loving me, me love you too <3

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  2. hey, so proud of you dear. writing your post touch me a lot. keep going

  3. lovely floral kebaya! love the color also :)

  4. The clothes in your culture are so feminine, I like them ! And yes, we should all focus on the things we have instead of feeling bad for what we don't have, I love this positive thinking ! Kiss

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  5. Really ? Hmmm, how bout now ?? I'm pretty sure I did. Well I have re followed you again .
    So sorry dear :). Kindly followed back of you haven't .

  6. Hi Ayu, i loved what you wrote, very kind and beautiful words :)
    thanks for sharing these important messages with us.
    I'm following you, if you like you can follow me back.

    kisses from portugal *

  7. hey dear,

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  8. are you balinese? i love bali! :D
    anyway check out mine if you have a chance :)

  9. Thanks dear... i LOVE Bali and that red batik too :)

  10. Hello dear! Thank you for following me, follow you back already! ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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