Senin, 07 November 2011

Good night, sissy!

Hell-o Mon(ster)day!

I hate Monday. But, I do know it’s not cool being haters, yes? Then? Should I say ‘I love Monday?’ Well… My mom never teach me to be a liar. LOL

Let me say today just so-so day. Wake up-take my brother to school-school-go home-study-blablablabla. Yaya, maybe I’m too much complaining. Why this life sometimes so bored ya? Somehow, some question don’t have any any answer :p.

Today in the school, cois given me the photo(s) when we was going to Hoka-Hoka Bento, last Saturday Night. We took too much foto, but yeah I’ll share you some of them, fasten your seatbelt and check-it-out!

       Do ya guys ever heard about ‘Internet issue’? I’ve found a verrrry interesting article about it, In kak Clara’s blog post. In general she said that we (blogger or internet and social media user) not just doing ‘faking friendship’ in virtual world or social media, we can be real in real world, right? And I absolutely agree with her thoughtfor people who extremely introvert and shy but wants to learn making friendship... Technology helps’. I’m sure I’m in love with Kak Clara, even I never met her, thought she is a real modern woman.

They’re my real friends, in my real world, my other hearts sometimes, and more like sissy (I mean sister, I love using this phrase lately).

Then I would sent too much love to my virtual sissy Gabriella Eldreen <3. She’s so kind to said that I’m inspiring her, oh dear… I’m not as good and strong as that kok :’ Sometimes, I’m just stay strong because of I have no other way to run : ) But, problems there in our life to be faced, right? Just be strong, and stay strong! And This life is about facing our biggest fear.

This is what I wore :


Blue Turtleneck top - Lace DIY necklace - Blue denim shorts - Brown belt - Black puma bag - White flatshoes

 I'm deeply in love with Demi Lovato's song-Skyscraper

So Inspiring guys! Check this out :D

       Goodnight peeps, Thanks for reading mine <3
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  1. You have a lovely blog! And cute outfit too. :) I can see you like taecyeon, hehe he is my favourite from 2pm as well!

    X Anna

  2. have a great time with you friend it look so fun !!
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  3. Nice post, I like these photos, and you look so good in them!
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  5. Now i follow you! thanks for your lovely comment dear!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  6. love the colour of your top ! the DIY necklace looks nice ;)

    have a great day!
    The Endless Wishlist

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  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!Of course I follow you back!
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  10. Hi, dear :) Thank you for following me, now I folowing you back :)
    Im sorry for your tumor, but Im really happy, that now your fine :)

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  14. You look so sweet and fun!
    Nice outfit!

  15. cute post :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  16. Love the color of your high neck and the neck piece.Beautiful!

  17. OH fun pictures!
    and I really like Skyscraper song by Demi Lovato as well :)



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