Sabtu, 26 November 2011


Hmmm…. I’m imagining what’s kinda cute words for says my greetings for all of you my friends, any Idea? Hahaha, okay this is started with really random words… please… forgive me … :(

Stranger… I’m ruined by this kind of words lately, and why? Idk, sure! Somehow I’m just feeling like, eeeergh! There’s so much pressure that I really need to face, and I need support from peoples around me… Then, I just get lost, feel empty and I dunooo I just feeling like I am a stranger for my surrounding.  My collage stuff, tense between me & my parents, the ASSignment, and of course the test and try out, and… that boy… sometimes I just wanna disappear.

It’s so hard be in this position right now, but I thought I need too help myself. If I wouldn’t help myself, then who’s will? Right?

And I found some old  photos inside my flashdisk :

After attend Ica's birthdaybash last year

 Taken while ELARCO-last year

Festifal Karmany Smansa 2011

I love my smile in this photo :p

My lovely Red Debra-Taken a years ago :')

I don't like be a stranger....

Also my big apologize for all of you my lovelies blogger, I’ve read all of your comments in my post, but its really hard to even steal  lil time to blogging remembering this following Monday I’ll face my end-of-semester-exam. Please accept my apologizes…. And kindly pray for my test? I hope tons of luck be with me o:)

Have a great weekend youall :)

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  1. Hi dear, stopping by from
    (originaly PretaVoyagerMode)Sorry for the late reply but I had to change blogs :) Cool blog by the way, I'm following, hope you follow back xoxo

  2. good luck dear and never give up!


  3. Nice photos, I really like your smile in those photos too, you look great and that skirt with the floral print rocks, very beautiful! Your have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  4. the last pic is adorable
    and I followed you back dear :)
    thank you for the follow and the visit

    come back soon


  5. babyyy !!kamu so unyu, love lesung pipi nyaa,
    dying to have one :)

    thanks for the wishes muahh !!
    can't wait for our get away next year *masihh lamaaa* LOL !!


  6. awww kamu lucu sekali lesung pipinya ga nahan ayu ! good luck for your exam ya:) aku gatau thn depan ke bali apa ga sayang, biasanya kalo ga feb ya juli pas libur janji yah pas aku ke bali kamu msti jd guide tour ku .hahaha :P eh btw i cant see you in my GFC can you try follow me dear?

  7. Such a great post dear! Love it :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. great photos! u have such a lovely blog! :D
    and u look so pretty
    check out mine too if ud like


  9. Love your skirt :)
    Love Lois xxx

  10. Yes, I fully agree!
    Nice photos, I love your bag and accessories. xo.


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