Kamis, 29 Desember 2011


Chrismas still in the town baby!
Yeah!! Today I'm about celebrated Chrismas in My dear Melania aka Kanya's house. It's really been along time since we've just 'busy-separated' with our self. Today we're together again like we're just never left and always together, it's feels good...

 Chrismas Three in Kanya's Living Room

from left to right : me, astari, dewi, and where is mira? :(

Somehow, we me meet, we smile, we seems like we don't care each other, we walk around but not talking each other, we fight. Somehow, we meet, we talk, we caring much than sisters, we love and everything goes better.
Our relationships goes strange, somehow I feels like us more than friends, somehow us not friends, we know each other so much  then we have no idea what-to-know-about much more. So, what to call us? Still not have idea.
I'm feeling like run, run and run, so far away. Then I just find myself in that place again and again, meet you guys in the same place different condition, different place some condition, just like that, all the time. Like running in a circle track, will be in the same again-again. I'm Trapped, with destiny to be with you guys :')

fckin' oily face.
Abstract Flower top : Mom's - Jeans - Unbranded flowery bag

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  1. Seems fun there! Kalo aku suka Bang Tabi alias TOP ^^ Happy New Year 2010 :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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