Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Featured Stripes

    After a loooooong journey of exam, tommorow will be the day of the day : Get the report. Gah! I'm so freakin nervous, I've try my best to increasing my marks, and now lets hope for the best o:) So, this photosession kindly reward for myself after doing such too much things wout doing something that I really love to be : Fashion. 

      Do you guys wanna know the best story of this outfits? Hehehe. My stupid-silly-handsome lil' brother taken this all photos! He's not really love taken my photos, but yeah at least he did god job, agree? :p. And the others story my red(I prevent to say it red not orange, or it used to be red :p)-stripes-shirts top that I used, was my Mother's when she's in my age, she's about 44th this year, can you guys imagine how old this cool invention was? Hahaha, I always in love with old things.

 What I wore : 
Rectangular-shaped black brooch - a set with the ring
Black Harem Pants - Irene's Wardrobe
White Wedges

 And how can be beautiful again?
My fashion quotes featured in Gogirl! December edition!

 Fashion is Infinity, everyone can be in Fashion. They just need their own art to create their fashion.
Ayu Damayanthi - Reader

     Bay the way, I'm lil constructed my display blog with the new one, what do you think? Too much, huh? I'm not really god in designing and I.T, anyone wanna teach me? :p

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  1. hopefully you'll get good marks, dear :)

    love the top!


  2. love your shirt and harem pants! i've followed you back :) thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. love your shirt!I follow you!I'll be waiting for you now!

  4. LOL , bajunya sukaa !!!!

    I'm free, hell yeahhhhh !! HOLIDAYYYY

  5. Hello!!! Thank you for the comment!!! These pictures are awesome same like the place where they were taken!!! I also love to wear my moms old stuff :) Nice brand new design, I'm speechless how good it is!! Stay cool!!!!
    Big kiss

  6. thanks for the comment!I follow you!


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