Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Lucky number

Are you guys believe with lucky number?
I do.
Actually I have some lucky number which is 2(my born day date), 8(Infinity symbol), 9(an unique number) and 17(Sweetest number ever).
Lately, I'm feeling so freakin blessed by my Lord, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, because I've given soo much sweet things and person. My family, Moms, Pops, Kak Gus, Indra always there when I need them, my Girls : Indah, Cok is, Tjok Indi also given me lottas love, happiness and laugh, they are ROCK! 
And would you know sweetest things that I got?
Memories when I'm with them. Because no matter how much peoples changed memories will never, right?
They just complete me, in all my side in my Black & My White Side, in Yin&Yang, In God and in Bad... They just too meaningful to me, even thought I'm never talk about :p

 Rock Student number : 8

I love you SMANSA :')

What I wore :
White tank top - Nevada
White Shirt - My Brother's
Black Belt - Irene's Wardrobe
Black Body con Skirt - Martha Fashion
White Flat shoes
Accessories from Pasar Seni (Art Market) Sukawati

'Because my life Infinity like 8, unique like 9 and sweet like 17'
Ayu Damayanthi

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  1. hmmm actually I don't believe in 'lucky' number, I just believe in 'favorite' number. but whatever people call the numbers, they're still important and meaning to us. :)

    followed back, nice to meet you. :D
    thanks for dropping by on my blog.

  2. hi ayuuu you look different ! i love it :) btw i have giveway for all my readers and its open for international . if you had a time check my blog :) good luck :D

    my first giveway



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