Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Thousands Untold words

     It's feels so long time since the last time I'm wrote here, I'm doing too much thingy because I'm officially HOLIDAY!! *dancing*. I've go to some awesome place that I would share there later :p. So, I would like to starts with this first. My very whole-life from about last January. A handsome boy named Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja. He is not mine :p. He's an musician from Indonesia, he plays piano, and he is my Piano Prince :D. They called me freak, I called it LOVE. You know? It's really not easy be a fan girl, they call me 'alay' or kinda that, but It's okay, I simply love him. Btw, this picture taken by me last monday, Kevin and his band named 'vierra' had concert in an outdoor place, so I'm sorry for the bad quality photo, because I've take it under the rain. But, SURE! I'm too happy to be true watch him that night. Just like, err I miss him, am I looks freak? Hahahaha, maybe.

He wore a white-with-blue-doodles, my fave colors :')


This two photos just another 'sneak peek' from my new project :p
How does it looks?

      Ahya! yesterday I (finally) go out to watched Breaking down with my friends. I love the film, but Sure I love the books more. And I find much cute words from Edward <3. Apologize me if it's bit wrong because I just a broken english, so it's sound like this(If I'm not wrong) :
       'No time will be enough for loving you, but I will start it with FOREVER'
       Ghad. Will you give me this kind of guy? :')

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  1. Hi!!! Tnx for the comment!!! That's the fan life, just watch your idol, dream & enjoy in it!!!
    Best wishes & big kiss

  2. The last photo scared me a little bit.. but I know that is a project f yours so..I don't worry about it!
    Nice post!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???


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