Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Bye 2011

Hello lovela readers!!
Happy New Year btw :). I'm about feeling so-so to welcoming new year, but yeah so much hope for this year, especially in study. And this is my new year tales :D

A day before new year-celebrating my sisy gekyah's 10th birthday :D

 And this is Pop's ordinary 51st Birthday celebration! <3

I made this for Pops, great chef, huh? :p

 Pops & Moms <3

My lovely bro Indra <3

While waited for mid-night we was bbq-ing

And this is me with my 'gembel'est tshirt and short :p

My school start at Jan-2nd -_- then I lunch with Indah at an restaurant named Obrigado. Look how creative they made Christmas tree with coconut leaves <3

 And this is my last piece of extra delicious waffle-coffe <3 :9


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