Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

Para para paradise!

Hello all! <3
I'm sorry about late sharing about my holiday, but sure this is FUN! *really with capslock on :p*
So, I'm with my girls to UBUD, and we spent a night together at Indah's room (yeah! Indah's house in Ubud lucky us got the best guide ever :D)

Taken photo before go :p
Left to right : Cok Is, Tjok In, Indah, Me!

 haha weird faces

 Sweet, huh? Ngahahahha :p

First stop : Pizza bagus
Pizza bagus has really nice spot and food! Really recommended if you wanna go there-reasonable price-in Bali-I mean :p.


Us, taken by a very friendly westren man <3

Waiting our food = taken photos :p

 Our pizza bagus :9

 Uber delicious pizza bianca <3

Then, we go to Sukawati Art Market, we are kindly late to-go. The market just gonna close, yeah we rushed to reach everything, with cheaper price :p. I got some cute accessorizes, so lovely!

About 5:30 pm we arrived at place that called Campuan-Hill. Its so beautiful to saw the natural scenery there, the fresh air, the field, and you guys should be try go there at sunset like us! :D


 Nobody there, so cok is taken it with 'us' :D


Unmask-hero! *LOL*

 Tjok taken this <3

My best photo that day :p

 getting dark when we gonna left.

Next we're hungry *again* -__-". Somehow that's our bat habit, we're girls and we ate like pig, but who's care? ngahahahaha!
So, as Indah's recomendation we was going to a bakery named White Box. Super cute and homey decoration with Christmas euphoria there <3<3

 Already dark, but the sunflower like shining <3<3

 I suggest you to go there about 7pm! The best time to got the blue-ish light! 

 Finally I decide bought this cake-forgot the name -_-'
(gah! have I told you that strawberry always works to make me tempted?)

White Box from the outside <3

Much enough eh? Actually I have much more in my Blue Rose (my lappie), hahaha ya we love to taken photos :p. Just fyi, I'm not dressed up because I just gonna have fun, it's not funny wore wedges to climb a hill, right?
After all, we back to Indah's house, we took a bath and ate 'sate ayam' *again* that Indah's Mom have bought to us, please don't be surprised with our stomach capacity ok? Anyway, we have climb hill remember? Hahahaha *evil laugh*. We keep our cake for breakfast in the morning. Then we talked about many things while watching DVDs, just like pajamas party. Lovely night that was...
Btw, this post dedicated for Kak Sabrina Maida who keep asking me to 'show Bali in my blog' so please enjoy this kak! :D
Also let me winning your giveaway? :p
Thankyou for reading mine all of my awesome readers <3

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  1. Hmm looks yummy! I wanna go to Bali :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. cake cake cake ♥
    you look cantik sayanggg!! lesung pipinyaaaa !!


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