Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012


HALLLOOOOOO!! bloggers!
Long time since last time I'm blogging, so freakin missing those time. Yeah, I'm too busy to preparing my SNMPTN test, anyone join this test too? Try to open this link by the way :)

 Lately, I'm interested with a legend movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Those lovely Little Black Dress <3

The long pipes cigarette 

Hmmm, Somehow I really wanna go on a outfits photoshoots, but times getting expensive to do it when your Mom keep asking you to go on your Chemist-Physich-Math-Bio Courses -__-. Yea, I know those for my better future, but sure I need my life tooo :'. 
Ehyeaaah! I almost forgot to share to you all that today I was doing my very first blood donors (and kinda proud of myself) :p.
And the best story off all is, Me and My friend-Feby, would open a stand whose will sell food(pasta,cake and ribs), in our school festival next week. I'm so freakin excired, and I really hope that Feby and Me, would succes with our stand :D


Ayu Damayanthi <3

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  1. hi dear, good luck for your snmptn (i have ever been on that situation and it drove me crrraazzyyy)and good luck to for your stand. xoxo

  2. good luck good luck good luck baby !!

  3. sweetie, i have my first giveaway on my blog, you are invited to join it. if you dont mind, would you please to enter it? i will be so happy. kisses
    less sugar sweet candy


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