Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

FKS 2012

Hello bloggers!!
Finally I got this time! So sorry for leaving so loooong -_- Something trouble with my lappy's internet connection :(
Okay, back to the topic, today I'll share about FKS (Festival Karmany Smansa) 2012-My school event! 
I have told you guys that Feby and I will open a stand there? Yaaaay! we DO!
We've soo freakin busy to service our customer which is our friends at school :p
And this all just the best resolution picture!

Anyone love cupcakes? We sold that!

Places 'em here before somebody come to bought. Beautiful, eh?

Me with fcvkin oily face after the event
Only use casual outfit :
Pink Tee, short pants, crocs sandals, and accesories from Yogya

Me with Dewi

Dea, Dewi, Nina, Me.

Dewi, Nina, and Me

Fortunately, our stand got those profit so I gave this for my Mum <3

I feel so proud of myself sometimes. I'm myself not perfect, and nobody do too.
Somehow, I think perfectness only about perspective, like 3 Dimension things, we only needs to see from all the side, then you'll find your own side of perfectness from your perspective.

Hug & Kisses
Ayu Damayanthi

10 komentar:

  1. Those cupcakes look good!


  2. you're so sweet that you gifted your mom! oh i remember writing similar thing about perfection a while back. everyone wants a perfect life but nothing is perfect, but then again, WE define perfection.


  3. hi sweetie,
    i love cupcakes and i cant stop eating them. so untung banget ya aku nggak disana haha tar aku makin gendut aja. hahaha. dear, i always love how you dress yourself. you wear a simple tshirt and add a necklace, makes you look simply chic. and you are right. we all have to proud being ourselves, dear. aku yang gendut ini pun mati-matian berusaha mencintai diriku beserta berat badanku seluruhnya *emot terharu* haha
    kisses dear

  4. aaa. me always love ur post.! anyway, post more cupcakes please! dying for it! :):)

    hugs and kisses from jakarta!


  5. yummm, i just made cupcakes last night


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  7. i love cupcakes :*
    and by the way, you are really nice daughter..your mom must be proud of you :D



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