Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Meet Up

 Hello lovely readers! I'm back again *yay*
I'm now feel like Miss Busy, everyday goes from one courses to another, and go around like that again and again every single week. Blah. But, yea I know I should go, I wanna the best for my future. Amen.
And Btw, last sunday I'm meet up again with my dears "Bali Fashion Blogger" discuss about our big project. They're amazing. About 3 or 4 hour we've spent just so comfy.

 My Own design Chest Peek Top. Gorgeous, huh? LOL

Me-Dian-Kak Yonas-Kak Hany-Kak Dewi(Kak Vira had go first, kak dias cant attend the meet up)

The waitress taken the photos for us, so kind ya? 

What I wear :
My Own design Chest Peek TOP - white lace inner- rebel jeans - bebe leggings- Undbranded White Pearl shoes - Birthday gift from my girls Bag - Black Ring.

Thanks for reading mine!
I will try to reach all of you guys soon :)
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12 komentar:

  1. I totally love your bag and the top! Awesome cut :D

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  2. super cute bag

  3. hi sweetie!!!
    i really love your sheer top and i cant believe that it is originally your design! you really have good sense in designing clothes! pretty and chic!

  4. hi ayuu, duh ndak ikut aku meeting yg pas itu huhu :'(
    cihuy, sekarang makin good aja nih ayu styling baju <3 keep on working :)

    sweet and sugars,

  5. iyaa ndak apa ayu, hehe. Pantesan ga mau keliatan update blognya ayu di dashboard saya, hehe. ak juga follow ulang ayu :)
    msa itu tantenya ayu? hehe, tp sy ndak kenal sm dokterny itu xp hehe

  6. You always have cute faces on your pictures :p
    Cute girl...

    Follow my blog at

  7. Hahah, thank you ♥ I added you x

  8. Thanks! I am following you allready! :D

  9. I'm following your blog also my dear :D
    Thank you!!

  10. you are so adorable!


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