Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Thanks, GOD. It's Friday!

DAY 1!

This all just small part of my full of happines trip <3. Enjoy!
We arrived at Indah's palace about 11 o'clock, we all not really hungry then we decide to watched a film. Finally we choosed 'Dear Jhon'. For you who love drama's genres this film highly recommeded to watch!!

My HUGE lunch at Janggar Ulam resto. Highly recomended place to visited!

Dedek & Albert, both my best-fellas too!

Indah, me, and Tjok <3

They always said that they're sister-brother different Mommy-Daddy -__-

Dedek - Indah - Albert - Tjok - Me <3

What do you think with my new hair? Mess enough in this photo </3

DIY cropped top // My Mammy's shawl // My own design high-waist short // Random Accessorized // Unbranded Lennon-sun glasses //  Bigy Gorjes - Sandals // Unbranded Bag.

Me and My best-man - Albert :))

Overall, I'm really thankfull that I've trough my National Exam with my best. And that was really fun day, even Cok Is(my other girl), can't join us that day :(. She came to Indah's at the evening. We sleep together, did girls talk, gossiping and eat a lot! :p

Dedek in his weird pose B). Btw, he's the savior that day, he drove for us and taken all of my photos :))

Albert and Dedek came home after we played 'Truth or Dare' for an hour. It was super fun! Known their kind of secret, even the'almost'end of our high school :')
See you in my next post, and have a great week end, btw <3

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  1. Nice DIY top! anyway, I'm starving for your food. =D =D

  2. Ahh so cute! Looks like a fun.

    Thanks for your visit
    Let me know if you wanna follow each other =)


  3. aw cute photos.
    the food looks very delicious xx

  4. Seems fun there! Love your new hair :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  5. The food looks yummy! Seemd you had so much fun!
    Than you for commenting on my post

  6. I love it!!! :)


  7. You are looking so cute in this photo and all your friends seem so happy ! Reminds me of my childhood/ teenage years! And the food looks delicious ! I love coconut water, perfect for summer.
    Take care,

  8. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!

  9. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other on Blogger and Twitter? Take care. :)

    Kristina (


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