Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Seventeen and Survived


 I'm so thankful for god, family and friends for all the best and worse things that ever happened along my first seventeen years alive. Things happened freakin' fast, I mean, somehow I even barely understand what I've do, but I can't lie, this last 1,5 years is my best. It's about found my passion, I'm feeling like found it lately. Blogging, writing, doing my small business, such a living my life better than before.
Seventeen, In Indonesian it such a turning point for every kids, having driving license, and start to decide anything all alone, in short this is an age that I must be more mature. Few days ago, I found this words stuck in my mind 'This life is full with fake, and all you need to do just survive'.

Let me know if you following me and I'm not yet do the same :))

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  1. Happy bday! You are so young!
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  2. Seventeen years ago, I was your age !{ I am 34 now :-) }
    I wish all the best for you , for your coming days, may all your dreams come true.May you find your true calling!

  3. All the best for you sweetheart ! Kisses Tani

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  5. Happy birthday dear! Good luck and GBU :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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