Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Life's Drama

Hey, can't it be slow or chill?

Hmm, how about talking a lil more guys? 
I'm sick of too much drama lately, things and accident come and go like breathe. Being picky to choose university, love-life's drama and of course best friend (in girls and boys). I actually don't like to talk too much about my private life anywhere-I mean in social society, but sure! I don't understand why people keep being too sensitive and continuing it to be drama-life, do you think you're an actor, dude? -_-*
Last night I had a (big) fight with one of my best-friend(boy), I wouldn't mention what exactly our problem was, but I just can't believe how can it be that DRAMAtic, he even said too much rude words through the bbm and then what? Yes, he deleted me from his contact and unfollow-ing my twitter account, then tell me how can my life be more-more DRAMAtic? Yeah, we'll see then! B-)
Maybe some of you would be think that I'm a drama queen too because of writing about personal problem here, it's okay. I just wanna share it, and ask ANYONE used to had a problem like Me?? -_-*
Anyway, I will be in a marathon University's test for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, hope me luck! o:)

Thanks for reading my unimportant blabers :))
I'll be blogwalking soon after my test!

10 komentar:

  1. Hi! love your blog! [:-)] I hope we can follow each other's blog [:-)] Will wait for your reply [:-)] articles0naddiction.blogspot.com

  2. awww.. i hate drama..

    thanks for the sweet sweet reply..




  3. be patient kak ☺
    i know you can get through all the drama!
    be strong!


  4. be patient ayu !! i know what your feel but i know you can throught.. btw kamu kuliah dimana sih yuu??


  5. I think people are naturally attracted to drama, because it brings them the emotional intensity they need. People need to have drama, to overreact, because sometimes life seems too dull. Don't let this affect you, be happy that you're not like them ^_^

  6. agreed. save your drama for your mama :)

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  7. Best of luck for your exam !cheer up ! :)

    Bong's Belleza

  8. You are sooo cute! like your blog. thanks for visiting my website hunny. And yes we can follow each other.



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