Senin, 17 September 2012

Cape like Cheetah

Sponsorship - UBvintage

This cape will be one of my lovely stuff! <3
I'm actually not really in-to 'purple' while dress up, but Mbak Ani which is the pretty owner of Ubvintage Shop is really know how to make me looks good in purple! :))
Feeling like fashioned by a really stylish cheetah, lol.
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Purple-Cheetah Cape - UBvintage // Black Short - DIY // Lolita Wedges - @bigygorjes 

Hang out with my lovelies at Sunday night :-3

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11 komentar:

  1. beautiful :)


  2. Love it..!

  3. another wonderful animal print! You look good in purple, you know (:

  4. a lovely! poni kamu udah panjang lagi sayang!! loving the shoes. butuh sepatu baru dari @bigygorjes deh! ;)

  5. Lovely top and great blog. I love the flow of it. Thanks for checking out my blog! I would love to follow each other so I'll make the first move lol. Hope you follow back...


  6. That's so cute! You look so good! Loving the cape!

  7. i wasn't a big fan of it at first sight either, but you're right! it actually looks quite edgy!


  8. cool cape!! <3
    i saw your comment on my blog, thanks to comment on itt
    sure! i love to make a new friend! especially fashion blogger <3 we can share anything that we like right? hehehehe
    xoxo, ditth

  9. rarrrhhh.... great cape! I love the inspirations wall there....


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